A subtle and refreshing, often delusional sprinkle of sunshine, drenched all the wounds collected in the raging battles and in the process softened the coagulation.

A thought took shape of a mirage or may be a mirage became a thought, grew to be a thorn, pushing the skin deep into the flesh and a string of blood, enough to salivate the lips.

A tale, not worth the words it consumed.

As the cards are folded, all hearts, the sunshine fades away. The coagulation has melted and fresh blood sticks to the lips. The intoxicating aroma is intoxicating. The taste is addictive.

A tale, not worth at all.

Some feedback fail and it is OK!

Aditya, one of my friends, and a successful manager, was flummoxed and frustrated when he reached out. His struggle to nudge one of his team members, an aberration, consumed him.

Lily and Aditya have been working for more than a year now and share a very close bond, within and outside office too. They have gone out for coffee and drinks, have spent time over weekends too. They are friends apart from their reporting structure. Aditya has similar bonds with rest of his team mates too, hence this is not an aberration.

Let’s understand what is happening here. My nonplussed friend, was blamed by the team member for not being helpful, ended up questioning his caliber and intent. The inchoate situation, somewhere pricked him deep and left him deflated. He felt his dilatory, yet well intended efforts, made the relationship go soar – and he wasn’t wrong.

Why did the feedback fail?

I asked my twitter luminaries to ponder over the most critical aspects of good and effective feedback.

I must recommend you to read all the responses. All are valid points and both of us started checking what was done or missed:

  • Positive intent from him and on surface agreement from Lily
  • Nature of the relation was not hostile; in-fact they shared a strong bond
  • Feedback was delivered in all possible ways – informally, formally, timely, sandwich-approach, directive, prescriptive, coaching, exploration…. the list goes on
  • The feedback was fact based and objective

What is the issue then?

Feedback is a form of communication and as we know communication is complete only when the receiver has received and understood the message. In their case, Lily never received the message or feedback.

The intent of the recipient is paramount for them to inculcate, imbibe and reflect. In one of the responses, my colleague and friend, Siji nailed it: “…We always look at validation and it is when an individual believes…he would get a favorable outcome, he/she is more vested and in turn can trade some improvement areas.

If you are struggling with someone who is not ready to consider the feedback, I’d suggest try newer ways. If all done and you are met with the same result, then instead of beating yourself up, you must let it go. Each plant grows at its own pace – some respond to conditions and grow faster, some react and achieve stunted growth. It is fine.

Understand – not all coal pieces become diamond. Only few do.

Would love to hear if you have faced a similar situation or if you have another perspective. I love feedback!

How to buy and sell #Cryprocurrency in India

Investing should be done with with a purpose in mind, keeping emotions aside. Let’s see how #cryptocurrencies can help you achieve the purpose of making more money.

A few disclaimers before we begin
– I am not an expert in this field and this is totally a free advice. Please do your due-diligence before investing
– I have invested in cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and SiaCoin
– I have invested that amount of money, which if goes to zero, will not impact my life; I call it ‘party fund investing’
– I have not been paid to mention these apps and portal and it is purely my own effort to educate others
– I have given the links below and if you use them, I may get some referral increments however it will not cost you anything extra

What is cryptocurrency?

cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that is secured by cryptography, which makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend. Many cryptocurrencies are decentralized networks based on #blockchain technology—a distributed ledger enforced by a disparate network of computers.

Let’s cut to the chase.

While there are many portals and apps for you to explore, I am sharing one of the ways, which I found to be easy, robust and worth the effort. I may write another post sharing more information on this topic, so do feel free to follow the blog. If you find it useful, sharing it with others will also help.

This “Cryptocurrency Explained” video by Simplilearn will help you understand what is a cryptocurrency, how paper money came into existence, the future of cryptocurrency, features of cryptocurrency, how cryptocurrency works, what make cryptocurrencies special, what is ‘crypto’ in cryptocurrency and you will also see a comparison between bitcoin and an ether. A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that is meant to be a medium of exchange. Today, cryptocurrencies have become a global phenomenon known to most people but not understood by many people. So, lets deep dive into this video to understand how cryptocurrency actually works. Below topics are explained in this “Cryptocurrency Explained” video-
1. What is cryptocurrency?
2. What makes cryptocurrencies special?
3. What’s the ‘crypto’ in cryptocurrencies?
4. Bitcoin vs Ether
5. What’s the future of cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency Explained | What is Cryptocurrency? | Cryptocurrency Explained Simply | Simplilearn

Let’s cut to the chase and learn how to invest in cryptocurrency.

I would highly recommend WazirX and I personally use the same to invest directly through my bank account

  1. Visit WazirX and then hit the Sign Up button
  2. Fill in your email address (one that you use frequently), and your desired password
  3. Click on the Terms of Service checkbox, but go through it once before checking
  4. Rest of the steps will be easy

Do comment and let me know once you have done this and if you do make money, buy me a coffee!