The Fairy tale is ending

Let me narrate a fairy tale to you:

Scene 1:

So much Social! Now everyone is here in the party. And why not when it is so much fun, while we learn together, from one another. While we network and reach out to a big wide umbrella – the size of which is unimaginable. The world of social networking and social learning is endless! Aaah, the world is happy and informed. The workforce is networked and collaborating seamlessly.

Cut to Scene 2:

Organizations pondering how to tap this new phenomenon and ride with it – use it everywhere; be it recruitment, employee development, employee engagement etc.‘s Chatter system released a new feature called Influencer. It intends to measure how influential you are within your company, by tabulating, for example, how your fellow workers respond to the items you post to your corporate social network. Today, your performance review is based on things like sales numbers or number of goals met. Tomorrow, though, it could be based on something that until now has remained ephemeral: organizational influence. Source. End of the fairy tail!

The sunset 2013 Khalid Raza SocialGlamor

So are we looking at Peter Principle? And why would an organization wants to do that? #Socialglamor to become part of annual performance assessment!

Wonder why would any organization want to do that? IMO let people adopt ‘social’ if they find value in it – not make it a mandate and take the charm out of it. Imagine all employees of a huge organization start posting status updates, not because they want to share it but they are forced to paste!

Targets will drive false social race as an end, rather than as a means to deliver improved performance. The idea of quantifying the use trumps the goal, the purpose of it. Would you like to have a measurement system that tracks how many emails you send in a day or how many phone calls you make?

Social Computing Evangelist and KMer, Luis Suarez posits, “Social networking is a lifestyle, a new way of working, a new way of getting work done, much more effective and efficiently, it’s not something that we should measure or could be measured. We should focus on the behaviors and the work we get done. So I would suggest if someone suggests to add social elements into your goals, challenge and reject them. No-one should be forcing us to use one tool or another to get the job done.”

While it may benefit to drive the culture in some form however it will do more harm than good. Are we ready for it? May be not.


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