Meetings! Do we really waste time?

Meetings – the moment I hear of this word, I begin to think do we really need to schedule them? Some of the most fruitful meetings I have attended were unplanned and prompt but does that mean we should not plan at all? Nope, we must.

On an average each manager spends 10-15 hrs per week in meetings. It might be time to do something about this before we have to have another meeting to discuss the damage. ;-) Let’s see this slide deck and understand more about meetings and how to be an effective presenter!

Don’t call for a meeting just because you have to – Try and avoid calling meetings unless there is a need. The idea is to free-up as much time as possible.

Take control of the situation if its going wayward – Don’t wait for the chairperson to manage the conversation. If you feel that meeting is wasting time, please manage the conversation. Remember – its your time too getting wasted. And as we know being a great presenter always helps.

What is the plan – why is this meeting? – We all get meeting invites and we hit accept, depending on our calendar availability. But do we ever care whats the agenda of the meeting? And if we are prepared for it? Its like going for a party without knowing whats the occasion. Would you wear the same attire for every party – be it a corporate gathering or a simple family dinner, a birthday bash or a pool side party? Insist on the agenda, if not given, ask for it and then decide whether you have to attend or not.

Documentation – Meeting was good as you all discussed the issue at length and devise a beautiful looking action plan. Now everyone is walking towards the pantry or smoking zone. After 2 days, nobody knows who was supposed to do what! This happens all the time. Document every meeting, write each action item and also observations. It always comes handy.

Adhere to the time – Don’t let your meetings spill unless unavoidable. Start on time and end on time. Respect others time and value your. Coming in late when everybody else has arrived doesn’t show you are smart – its opposite. Leaders who start and finish on time are always appreciated and respected by others.

Meetings are needed to smooth-en the work flow and create a communication flow. Don’t let it hinder work. Plan and attend meeting with a purpose and achieve it. Have a good meeting day!! :-)


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3 thoughts on “Meetings! Do we really waste time?

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