Are you creating Cloned Social?

As the growth of ‘Social’ becomes exponential, everywhere, including organizations, we are seeing a trend, a trend which is becoming a dangerous monster, which will kill the very existence of it.

This monster gets life when we take steps to make ‘Cloned Social’. When efforts are put to inorganically grow the communities, or make them active, or when incentives are put to push the use of social media or when rewards substitute the intrinsic motivation.

In my last blog, The Fairy tale is ending, we read about how this phenomenon of incentivizing use of social media with in organization will actually kill it. By not letting people adopt ‘social’ if they find value in it – and making it a mandate and taking the charm out of it. Imagine all employees of a huge organization start posting status updates, not because they want to share it but they are forced to paste!

The problem is just not numbers or sheer waste of resource, it goes much deeper, inside our psych, and messes up our behavior system. It’s called over-justification effect. There are many studies that acknowledge and support this phenomenon.

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4 thoughts on “Are you creating Cloned Social?

  1. Thanks for writing on this. I have been struggling to let people know in my organization how this will impact us in the long run.


  2. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. What kind of challenges do you face within firewall. I t will be insightful, if you wish to share.


  3. There is a plan coming up to incentivize the use of internal social media. I am afraid it will only cause a gold rush and the quality which we have will really go down. People will flock to share and no body will care.


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