Mobile Revolution: IBM leads with IBM MobileFirst

ibm-mobilefirstMost, if not all business processes, were established in an era when companies tightly controlled every aspect of their operations. The mobile evolution is disturbing/disrupting the legacy flows at work. Business and leaders have a task on hand to re-think business processes to leverage and amplify the power of Mobility. With a lot of information available, businesses are better equipped to redefine their approach towards B-to-C landscape.

With more than 50% of local searches being done on mobile devices, business can ill afford to tap this source. Incidentally, I am writing this while I am sitting in Chennai and I used my smartphone to find out where I should go to eat shop and fill fuel. For me, the quickest and reliable source of information is my mobile. I used my phone to find out local information, and use that information to decide where I would go to eat/shop/buy. I had a great dinner at Kipling Chennai as I could find them on my phone.

Researchers at IDC have had their ears to the ground keeping tabs on shipments for specific types of devices, and now they’ve painted a bigger picture of the hardware battlefield in 2012. “Smart connected devices” — a category which includes desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones — saw a total of 367.7 million units shipped in Q4 2012, up 28.3 percent from the year before. In total, over 1.2 billion units were shipped last year, marking a 29.1 percent upswing from 2011. (Source)

To help companies embrace mobile computing as a strategic business asset, IBM recently unveiled a suite of technologies, services and solutions that leverage the experience of nearly 1,000 customer engagements, 10 acquisitions in four years, thousands of global experts and 270 patented inventions. Watch this video:

Michael J. Riegel, the head of mobile strategy posits that mobile is the next big growth play that IBM is going after. IBM had made 10 mobile-related acquisitions already, and would have a global research and development team of 160 people dedicated to mobile technology. In 2012 alone, he said, IBM won 125 patents related to mobile.

On a Smarter Planet, the future of business is quite literally in our hands. Or our pockets. Learn more at Join the Conversation on Twitter #mobile #ibmmobile @ibmmobile.

Smart, secure, connected. #IBM & #Apple CEOs announce landmark mobile enterprise partnership 


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