Glamourizing your blog with videos

Hi everyone,

vlogI’m Silvia Mihailescu, Khalid’s colleague and friend from IBM, and this is my response to a request of contributing to the super social glamour blog 🙂 There is so much to say about videos, and through my work in Communications I learned that although they can be excellent message carriers, very few people dare to play with videos and especially record themselves.  Sometimes that’s a probably a better choice (kidding…or not) but in some many cases we’re missing a lot by not experimenting with videos.

Hopefully my vlog today will encourage you to be brave and try it at least once.

And don’t worry too much when you try- think of it as an exercise. Look at youtube, not everything has to look great to be consumed and shared by thousands of people,  nobody is expecting you to succeed with your first attempt and you’ll have the chance to practice your storytelling in a new way 🙂

PS: no need to say you need a camera, software etc either- nowadays you can use your smartphone, youtube editor, videolicious and many other free stuff. Really, there is no excuse not to try 🙂 Just remember to have some good natural light around!


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3 thoughts on “Glamourizing your blog with videos

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