How to opt out of LinkedIn Endorsements

Last few days, I have heard a lot of people getting salty about LinkedIn endorsement cobweb. And they wonder how to opt-out of LinkedIn endorsement – a gamified system, which was aimed to achieve a different result but now has become a nuisance for many, including LinkedIn. But before we move on, why don’t you tell what you think:

Personally, I do not have any reservations with its presence on my profile. In my opinion, it allows you to reflect what your focus areas are and if  you network believes the same about you. I may consider myself to be an expert in Social Media but YOU may think otherwise.

Thank you to all who have endorsed me on LinkedIn. I do believe you endorsed me in good faith, and I sincerely appreciate that. Let’s look at the snapshot of my LinkedIn endorsements and see there is any incorrect one:

My LinkedIn EndorsementsI will leave you to figure that out and may be help me through comments.

There are many reasons to connect with people on LinkedIn and sometimes with people who do not have direct knowledge or experience about our skills. But as long as someone is in your connection, they have the ability to endorse you. The only ‘barrier to entry’ for offering a LinkedIn endorsement is being someone’s connection on LinkedIn. Now this is the cobweb which every one is finding tangling and is getting irritated about.

So where is the problem?

Some are arguing that people who are endorsing may not be the appropriate judge of the skills and are endorsing because LinkedIn is pushing the widget every time we login or visit a profile. So there are 2 issues here:

  1. Credibility of the endorser and
  2. Irritating LinkedIn system

While, in point number 1, there will always be a question mark and is difficult to ascertain the credibility of the endorser or recommender. The LinkedIn endorsements are aggregators and that should even out if there are people who endorse without thinking, which lies in the hands of people who are endorsing and the one who is being endorsed.

CobwebThe REAL problem is the ‘endorsement gamification pop-up system’ deployed by LinkedIn, which comes up randomly and asks people to endorse one another. This also allows fake, or say unreliable, endorsements to creep in. People go with the flow and click on ‘Endorse’ with-out thinking deeply about the endorsement, which us so unlike recommendations, and hence is getting diluted.

Rene Shimada Siegel, founder and president of High Tech Connect, a unique consulting partner for expert marketing and communications, predicts in her blog that LinkedIn will vanish. She posits, “Since endorsements involve a single mouse-click, I can endorse 60 people in 10 minutes and not break a sweat. Click, click. Then the network marketing effect takes hold. The person you just endorsed will receive an email that you’ve done so and suggesting that, perhaps, he or she would want to return the favor. Why not? Above your profile LinkedIn lists a few of your connections and their many skills and specialties. And off you go: Click, click, click. ‘Look at me, being nice.'”

How to opt out of LinkedIn Endorsements?

This is the easiest of all steps and I am sharing it along so that we better do this, rather than whine about the system 😉

Step 1: Click on Edit Profile

LinkedIn Profile

Step 2: Go to Skills & Expertise and click the pencil icon

LinkedIn Profile

Step 3: Opt to hide Endorsements and click Save.

LinkedIn ProfileThat’s it!

We increasingly use the online world to find solutions and the experts who can deliver them. We need robust mechanisms to weed out the charlatans and troglodytes from the experts and tools like endorsements and recommendations help us. (Also read 5 ways how Linked recommendations can harm you)

I still feel that endorsements and recommendations are good tools/ways to showcase your expertise but LinkedIn needs to stop making them ‘irritating’ for the users. I will be interested in knowing your thoughts around the same – do you find endorsements worth opting out?

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4 thoughts on “How to opt out of LinkedIn Endorsements

  1. Grant Crowell (@grantcrowell) July 6, 2013 at 12:32 am Reply

    Thanks for sharing this, Khalid. This was also shared in one of my LinkedIn groups, and I think it would be less irritating if people could at least have the option of offering some text comments to go with their Endorsement, rather than making it a full-fledged recommendation of the person.


  2. Khalid Raza July 8, 2013 at 12:05 pm Reply

    That is a good solution Grant – a brief statement to highlight the endorsement would mean a more structured anecdotal account of the skills, which can later be compiled as a list of great endorsements to be shared along.

    Thank you for your comment here.


  3. Kat August 1, 2013 at 3:39 am Reply

    I just started a business and created a profile on LinkedIn for it. I connected my existing profile to my business and today I got a notification from linked in that my personal profile endorsed my business profile for several skills when in reality I did no such thing! The real problem is LinkedIn generates those endorsements on their own! Who knows what skills my collegues have that I’ve “endorsed” without knowing it!


    • Khalid Raza August 7, 2013 at 4:59 pm Reply

      Wow… this is real Spamming it seems. Yes, this is really scary to hear. And since the endorsing is really rampant on LinkedIn, most people just let it pass without realizing that there could be some unwanted endorsements flying around. Also goes to show that how a ‘could be awesome’ feature is becoming a pain for all of us.

      Thank you for sharing it along here Kat – would be a good use case for my next talks on this topic.


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