In MOOCs, are lecture videos more important than discussion forums?

MOOCs are in – no doubt about it. And, now it is reaching further into the corporate sphere, allowing organizations to tap into this platform and reach out to wider employee base thus keeping them engaged. The advent of technology which allows my five-year-old niece, Maira, to make videos, also helps employees to reach out, connect and create learning networks. Organizations are also using MOOCs to disseminate those boring mandate information chunks in a more enjoyable yet engaging manner. Read What is a MOOCs and why you should care to know more about MOOC.

Few weeks ago, my friend and IBM colleague, Silvia, showed us how to go about Glamourizing your blog with videos in one of her guest blogs on SocialGlamor, where she posits that there is so much to say about videos. And, through her work in Communications she has learnt that although they can be excellent message carriers, very few people dare to play with videos and especially record themselves. With her efforts like the 3-minute-manager (IBM internal project) she is spreading the awareness.

I am currently attending a MOOC on Introduction to Public Speaking from University of Washington, taught by Matt McGarrity. We were asked to make a few videos and there was an impromptu one and I chose the topic of MOOCs from the list provided, highlighting how the lecture videos are equally important as the discussion forums. Watch the video.

I am sharing the video with you to share the concept further and also seek feedback on my Public Speaking skills *chuckles*. Please share your feedback by commenting on this blog.

Edited by: Vanitha Poojary


5 thoughts on “In MOOCs, are lecture videos more important than discussion forums?

    1. I am sure Sarah that will be incredible… We are seeing audio chats (whatsapp, wechat) making way into Android phones cos talking is easier/faster than typing.

      Where are you thinking of using the video style discussion board? Tell us more.


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