5 thoughts on “Power Hour: My Social Business Journey in IBM

  1. rama September 14, 2013 at 6:44 pm Reply

    Good to know how technology & applications SYNCHRONISE


  2. ramanedungadi September 24, 2013 at 7:35 pm Reply

    Very succinctly captured Khalid. Here are a few points that I took note of :

    1. How do we get Executives (Top Leaders) to adopt social? Executives have an important need to communicate and by equipping them with simple of relevance to them, we can get them started. Helping them use their status updates for posting organization announcements,policy changes, congratulating members on their new roles and recognitions are some of the simpler ones to begin with. The email notification option helps executives remain connected to their familiar environment and also sample the new space

    2. How do encourage shy/introverts to be active on social? I read somewhere that ‘social’ is an introvert’s best friend. By honing on the fact that through social channels, even those who do not normally ‘speak up’ can he heard unobtrusively, we can make a great start. We also stressed that increasingly its not about what we know but what we share that will help establish our eminence , thus social will increasingly be not ‘nice to participate in’ but ‘need to be active in’

    3. Manoj also asked us a question : How much education do you think you require and what kind of education? At IBM, we have a plethora of enablement materials to equip us. What is important is not to get overwhelmed with the ‘starting trouble’ but to take the plunge.


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  4. […] Power Hour: My Social Business Journey in IBM […]


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