Customer Loyalty starts with You!

Bad serviceThe cost of bad customer experiences is more expensive than the cost of providing good customer service. Some businesses get it and some don’t. When was the last time you switched loyalty because of horrible customer service? These incidents stick and never go away. Do they? As per the survey commissioned by RightNow and conducted by Harris Interactive, only 1% of consumers feel their expectations for a good customer experience are always met.

The double-edged sword is that your customers will go to your competitor and that will hurt the business in the long run. And they would take more customers with them.

I am writing this blog, from NY and I did change my loyalty with a big hotel brand last week. I used to stay in this particular hotel every time I traveled to NY to be at the IBM headquarters, Armonk. This time, I faced challenges with the shuttle system and I reached out to the hotel staff, who could not manage to resolve the issue. I was told, “It is not in the contract.”

I was shocked and I called their competitor, Hyatt House, White Plains and spoke with Anthony Damiano, who I did not know, was the GM of the hotel, but spoke with me with utmost care and personal touch. I was impressed. He took the details of my request and asked for 60 minutes. He then responded to me and assured me that, Hyatt House would be glad to have me as a guest and offered free shuttle service to IBM Headquarters, Armonk.

That was exceptional! Here was a hotel which was ready to go the extra mile for me, although I had never given business to them and the other hotel, although, I was a loyal customer, shoved the contract in my face! I packed my bag and moved to Hyatt House, White Plains.

Not only Hyatt House got me, I also got them one more IBMer to come stay with them, thereby becoming their ambassador. One act of customer delight got them two customers..and that’s just the start. I would urge all IBMers (others too) who are traveling to IBM Headquarters in Armonk to stay at Hyatt House, White Plains.

When was the last time an exceptional service won you over? Share those details and help the business who made you smile!

Edited by: Vanitha Poojary


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6 thoughts on “Customer Loyalty starts with You!

  1. Jessy Wang March 11, 2014 at 2:08 am Reply

    It’s all about attitude 🙂

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    • Khalid Raza March 11, 2014 at 2:23 am Reply

      Indeed Jessy – it is about it. Some business feel that customers will stay no matter what. More importantly, some employees take pains to bring customer delight. Thank you for your time.


  2. ramakp March 11, 2014 at 3:34 am Reply

    Commendable Insights…!

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. Gray Foster April 18, 2014 at 7:01 pm Reply

    I’m convinced you could sell anything at all and people will happily buy it if its delivered with honest and sincere customer service — sadly, many organizations, large and small miss the fact that you have to want to continually please your clients or they will leave. Accountability didn’t flow down to the level of the person interacting with you at Crowne Plaza — that’s where organizations have to focus if they value their customers long term as well as their reputation.


  5. […] brands pay attention to their users and ensure loyalty is the top priority. In the era of social connectivity, customers can move on quickly, hence brands […]


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