Flipkart is the most devoted Facebook brand

A kind gesture by Grand Hyatt Goa

Gestures like this to celebrate customer’s happiness go a long way in creating stronger ties and customer loyalty. A cake, cookies and a personalized letter by Grand Hyatt GM made our anniversary special.

Happy customers who get their issue resolved tell about 4-6 people about their experience. ā€“ White House Office of Consumer Affair.

The monthly regional report for India for April 2014 is out and I was not surprised to see Flipkart topping the charts in the with an impressive response rate of 87% and a response time of 43 minutes on Facebook. Airtel does better in terms of response time, taking only 23 minutes to come back to the customer but with a slightly lower response rate. Here is the complete ‘April 2014 social marketing report india‘ for your consumption. Source: Socialbakers.com

Big brands pay attention to their users and ensure loyalty is the top priority. In the era of social connectivity, customers can move on quickly, hence brands have to be more vigilant.

Do you feel your brand is doing good enough to be your favorite? Share with us why.



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One thought on “Flipkart is the most devoted Facebook brand

  1. maureenmonte May 18, 2014 at 8:49 pm Reply

    One of my favorite brands is New Balance – I have a foot problem, and though my foot is narrow, I have to buy a double wide shoe. I have a pinched nerve in my foot, and it gets more pinched if any shoe touches the sides of my foot. All my shoes are wide. This means I can’t be a fashionista, which sometimes is a bit upsetting when in a formal work environment. But back to my point: New Balance has never disappointed me. Their shoes fit. And if your foot felt like it was on fire most of the time, and you found a brand of shoes that helped, you’d be grateful too! I am LOYAL. Good blog, Khalid!

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