Let’s build that park!

Picture1The school bell rang
we scampered through the hallways
rushing to the park
making plans for the day.

Bruised knees, but stronger will
so much fun so much thrill,
smell of grass and the sting of bee
I was young, what happened to me?

The park is gone, I see a mall,
a lot of light, I feel so small.
Did we grow or did we fall?
Instead of grass, we got pin-ball!

Let’s save our planet, lets build that park
where we can walk and our kids can spark.
The light of the mall is not what we need
we need brighter hearts, to take away the dark!


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One thought on “Let’s build that park!

  1. If she knew the answer | #SocialGlamor July 24, 2014 at 10:48 am Reply

    […] but she did not. As she stood near the window, the sound of squeaking hinges of the see-saw, in the park, filled her ears. Her father was watching his favorite movie while she continued to weep, standing […]


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