So you think you are Brad Pitt? or Mebbe Angelina?!

Two things in Barranquilla will never leave you wanting for more – the food and the warmth of people: Khalid Raza

The first thing we all note in any new place is food and it leaves a lasting impression on us. I am not a foodie (ask people around me and they would say I just nibble). But I feel I am eating a lot here in Colombia as the food is sumptuous and people who serve it to me are amazingly warm. My lunches and dinners have not been in the hotel I stay and hence I have already checked in into a lot of places and experienced a variety of tastes and flavors.

L to R: Khalid, Wendy, Ping and Remy @ Benito Juarez

Especially at lunch, Dani, Jordan and I, try to go to the neighborhood restaurants, which are most likely family-run establishments, to to savor the local and true to geo gastronomy. Meat is an integral part of the food here, however vegetarians will be happy too. (Dani is vegetarian). The food is not spicy, thank god because though I am Indian and we eat spicy food, me not so much.

Yesterday, I ate Arroz con coco (Coconut Rice), something Diana from ACR (our client) suggested that we try and it was yummy. It was different but really really tasty. At lunch, we went for an ‘executive buffet’ kind of a setup in which we get soup, main course, salad and desserts. The soups are magical here and the servings are huge. I am not a big fan of soups and never have them in India, but here, I am almost scraping the bottom of the bowl. The corn cake that I ate yesterday was yummy and filling.

Arroz con Coco and Beef Stroganoff

Now, going back to how we started the story, if you are wondering how is this in anyway about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie! When we arrived in Barranquilla, we had a meeting with Diego Sandoval from IBM security, where he detailed a long list of Do’s and Don’ts. Most of them being ‘don’ts’ and only one do – follow all do nots!

Diego’s sense of humor ensured that we laughed till we fell off of our chairs. About night life, he quipped, “…we guys think of ourselves as Brad Pitt and think all girls will fall for us so it does not appear strange to us if we get lured into any trap. Trust me we are not Brad Pitt so always be careful, and ladies please don’t think you are Angelina either.”

As we pack our bags to go to Cartagena this weekend, his advice will stay firm in our minds (Maybe lol). Hasta Manana.


6 thoughts on “So you think you are Brad Pitt? or Mebbe Angelina?!

  1. What do you mean you’re not Brad Pitt? I have always considered you that and more! 🙂 Love that man’s sense of humor, one do, follow the do not’s. And of course, the excellent advice about whom we are and whom we are not! Love hearing about your journey and discovery. The food sounds great, and it’s good you are managing it well (it would be bad to be somewhere for a long time and HATE the food!) Have fun, travel safe.

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    1. Oh Maureen, you make me blush through I know I am nowhere. Thank you! Yes the food is awesome. Do you recall I spoke about Arroyos in my previous blog? Well, today we saw one, a mild one though, but it was scary to see. Only 15 minutes of rains and the traffic stopped because of heavy rush of water gushing onto the road. I have made videos and will share in my next blog. Thank you for reading and your lovely comments. Cheers.

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  2. Khalid, it sounds like you are having a rich experience. I love reading about you adventures. I see many commonalities with my assignment back in 2010 to Gaziantep, Turkey – especially the bit about great food and wonderful people (also the long international travel!). Wishing you an awesome experience. Go with the flow, my friend, and enJOY!


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