Let blind leadeth the blind not

Light always takes away the darkness, in our homes, hearts and minds! : Khalid Raza

Last year, I wrote a blog on how most of us, perceive ourselves to be elite professionals while condemn others to the dusty rug of stupidity. Some of us did not get the undertone of the message and mistook it as baleful writing. However, that exiguous population is part of the workforce we work with, every day.

As I sip my green tea, I wonder how many of us see the light in others. And, does that inability keep us in the dark?

Light #SocialGlamor Khalid Raza

All of us have talents and qualities inside us that simply are yet to be discovered or exhibited. We are all talented. Period! Most of the times talents stay buried in us because we lack the confidence or opportunity, and at other times it is because we don’t know our own talents. Our talents are like the poltergeist – never at rest, if not channelized properly. This is the reason why people move on, from jobs, relations and from themselves.

I know it for a fact that it can take just one person to bring out the best in someone. We have the ability to help others help themselves and discover what makes them unique and valuable. Who knows, maybe someone will do the same for us some day. Source

My friend and mentor, Maureen wrote in her wonderfully articulated piece,

“…slowly, gently, we reveal our own true colors, and make a difference in the world. This lifelong journey will inevitably catch the eyes of God and mankind, inspire those around us, and fill us with bliss.”

As leaders, it is our responsibility to inspire others around us to display their light, but before that happens, we need to see the light in them. Once we see the light in everyone around us, we will never be in dark. Failing that we will stay in syzygy, which will always keep us in the dark. We hold the key. We know that leaders are never born, they become. And, therefore with each passing moment, we can become a better leader.

How did you help someone see the light in them? How did you help yourself see it? Tell me more…


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3 thoughts on “Let blind leadeth the blind not

  1. Vicki Flaherty November 6, 2014 at 5:43 am Reply

    What a wonderful reminder, Khalid, thank you for sharing. I feel invited to see and move toward the light of others.

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  2. maureenmonte November 6, 2014 at 5:33 pm Reply

    Ah, Khalid! You spoke the truth from your heart, and it annoyed people. Baleful? Never. Honest. Bigtime. Enjoyed our conversation this week – more to come on that one.


  3. […] all the time, but mostly squander them as we fail to see them as opportunities. Some of us stay blind. So much to learn, so much to do and so many ways to shine! To some it all up there may be much to […]


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