Why should you never buy at Reliance Digital

In the world of Internet Customer Service, it’s important to remember your competitor is only one mouse click away. ~ Doug Warner

This is not a rant, but a story/use-case to share the power social has given us to reclaim what is rightfully ours and how brands need to be careful of their actions. If you have faced similar challenges, I would request you to share your story below. I will be sharing this blog with Brian Bade, CEO of Reliance Retail.
Reliance Digital Khalid Raza #SocialGlamor

It all happened on 6th April 2015, a hot day in Bangalore, while watching the brilliantly orchestrated advertisement of Reliance Digital, I convinced myself to buy an air-conditioner (AC) from the store. My friend, Debarati and I, along with my wife, went to the Reliance Digital store, located in Phoenix Market City Mall in Bangalore.

The sales team did a great job to convince us to buy 2 AC units, promising free deliver and installation. They also forced us to buy addition services, although we resisted the temptation and now I am convinced it was a good decision. The sale was prompt and we left the store after spending INR 76,000 on two top range Samsung AC units.

The delivery was promptly done the next day, 7th April 2015 and the team dumped the AC unit in our (Deb and mine) houses. This is where the ordeal began.

The installation team, called me and confirmed the installation at 10 AM on 8th April 2015, but no one turned up. I called the Service Center (SC) number given to me (08067266233) and I was assured tat another engineer would come in two hours. No one turned up or even called. I kept waiting. I called the number again and was given another time slot – this time 7 PM. I had planned a dinner which I had to cancel. However no one came.

Next day, 9th April, 2015, this comic game continued but with more panache. The engineer called me and promised to be at my place at 10 AM but in vain. I tried to reach him and he did not respond to me. I called the SC team and they gave me their Team Leader, Saleem’s number, who promised that the engineer will come at 1 PM. I waited, confined in my house, not able to go anywhere, expecting engineer to come. No one came and I called Saleem, who did not respond to me. I called multiple times, but in vain. Finally he decided to pick my phone at 4 PM and gave me another engineer’s number who promised to visit by 6 PM. I waited but once again, a fake promise. I called him and he said he is on his way and will be at my place by 7 PM. He never came. I called to learn that he is 1 km away from my house and will be here in another 30 minutes. He never came and switched off his cell phone. Saleem stopped answering my calls too, although many times I got call waiting when I called.

On 10th April 2015, this game began again. No one came but I kept getting one time slot after another. This was the third day n a row that I am confined in my house, awaiting the elusive engineer to come and o the installation. The temperature, in Bangalore and in my head, kept rising, but no one cared.

After spending my whole day with them, I decided to use Twitter to reach out to Reliance Digital (@RelianceDigital), thinking, this would solve the issue for me. I was happy that the team responded to me on 11th April 2015, assuming me of an action. Manish, called me from Head Office (as I was told) and he assured me of action. But once again, nothing happened. Manish and team stopped responding to my tweets, thinking this would help them avoid me.

LessonIgnore social at your own peril. Brands may chose to ignore the customers, but the damage will continue to happen.

I sent out a note to their customer service grienvance cell at Digital.Website@ril.com who sent a note to me that action will be taken in 4 hrs. No one reached out to me. I escalated the case to cshead.reliancedigital@ril.com and got a ‘template’ response that the team will look into the matter and respond. Finally, I got another call from Deepak, who heard my tale of sorrow and empathized me with me. He promised me an action, but you know what happened. No one called me.

12th April 2015 –  One more day was over and my weekend, just like my week, was getting wasted – sitting at home and calling innumerable numbers and speaking to innumerable people had become the routine of the day. In the mean time, my tweets started getting traction and my network joined hands to help me get this sorted. 35 retweets and many likes got Reliance Digital team rattled, although the incompetent team did not revert to me. Manish called me and expressed his unhappiness and promised me again to resolve it. I knew, he and the other team members are as impotent as their process.

I reached out to Brian Bade, CEO of Reliance Digital and copied him on an email, which I marked to cshead.reliancedigital@ril.com. And then the team swung into action, seeing the backlash on Twitter and a mail being marked to their CEO. Vinitha, Manager Customer Service, finally managed to get a team to my place got the AC installed, after keeping me hanging for almost a week! The entire experience was a torture!

No one apologized to me for all this ordeal or did anything to make me come back to the brand.

Reliance Digital Khalid Raza #SocialGlamor 1

Summary: In the process of all this, Reliance Digital lost me and many who felt my frustration as their customer. And this is not going to stop. All of you, who are reading this, will also learn how painful the experience if being a Reliance Digital customer has been for me. Will Samsung do anything to make amends here and ask Reliance Digital what they can do to mollify and make my experience better (and also for many more other customers)? Will Reliance Digital and Brian Bade do anything to appease this unpleasant experience. I will wait and watch.

As requested above, I would urge you to share your story(s) below. I will be sharing this blog with Brian Bade, CEO of Reliance Retail. I will keep you all posted of what action Reliance Digital takes after reading this. Or will they continue to ignore?


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52 thoughts on “Why should you never buy at Reliance Digital

  1. Debarati April 13, 2015 at 2:28 pm Reply

    I got the Samsung AC along with Khalid and till the time I received the delivery on Tuesday I was happy after that the whole play of reliance digital torture started. The engineer kept calling me from 6th April night even before the delivery to confirm on installation time. I had confirmed them time for Friday 11 am, however they kept calling me until Thursday evening 7:30 pm to confirm on installation.

    On day Friday 10 April ,2015 begins the game of their actual installation torture. I did not receive a call until 10:45 am and so called the customer care to confirm if they need help with the address and to my surprise no one knew if any engineer as assigned to complete the installation and finally after giving excuses of 10 mins 15 mins and an hour at 1 pm they informed that the case was assigned to Rojesh. At around 1:15 pm I get a call from someone telling he is calling from Reliance Digital and I should SMS him my address… How can I trust and send address without he providing me any sales information of my purchase. I called back customer care to confirm and they said they would call back. By then I received call from another engineer with my sales order info and asking me to confirm time for installation. I call back customer care to confirm who is the right person and to my surprise he says the person who has sales info and that he would check and call back in an hour who is the engineer assigned. After one hour no one calls and I call back and then on they kept buying time and the whole Friday till 10 pm I kept waiting and finally called the store telling I need to know the return policy and they promise to complete installation by Saturday. I gave them time till 11am Saturday and they came in at 9:30 am and completed the installation.
    Reliance digital has a very bad communication system between retail store and even within the same service desk. They are not prompt with their promises, deployment strategy of site engineers is not as organized.Based on area and increase of sales of products no adequate back up plan for high call flow. Variation in services – for any additional part purchased during installation one vendor provides bill for the same and some other do not provide bill.
    The list can go on and on. I would not want to go back to reliance digital and nor will I recommend them to anyone based on the basic fact that there is no apology given by anyone of the the whole team involved and there is counter response and excuses provided for all issues. When someone is escalating an issue we only need to hear solution and not excuses… What are u doing to get the work done within the time frame promised.
    I also urge people to go through the below site where people have posted complains about reliance digital and its high time that action is taken by the company to improve services. At this age services play a key role for the brands sustainability in the market.

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    • Satyendra April 14, 2016 at 10:16 am Reply

      what is brian bade email Id. I am cheated by reliance digit in Gurgaon for Panasonic AC.


  2. Anonymous April 14, 2015 at 5:49 pm Reply

    Dear Khalid ,
    I must emphasize with you for your trouble and also congratulate you to get the problem solved within a week , as in many cases they are not resolved for months .
    To introduce myself im a former employee of Reliance Digital ,now working in Dubai . I worked for This particular format for over 5 years and just recently moved to greener pastures. My curiosity and reason of me writing this is to give my little feedback about the customer grievances to Mr Brian Bade because as an employee i could never get it done without a stick from my immediate supervisor .
    To start with the Brand Reliance Digital is truly unmatched as far its stores are concerned ,they are lavish , versatile ,full , luxurious , right up there with biggest electronic brands in the world .
    Now, to every great Show there’s a greater drama behind the scenes , so lets talk behind the scene activity . Reliance pays its employees well ,very well infact . But the problem lies with man management , i wish i could tear into RESQ team (Service and Installation ) but i wont . They are as hardworking as anyone ,here the fact is they are overworked ,Work assigned to one person is twice as much he can humanly perform , again as i said earlier the pay is great but no.matter what the pay is but to Expect Rohit Sharma to score a double century everytime he walks in to bat is ridiculous and trust me these installation guys are expected to do such a herculean task every day they walk out of the store with their tool kit .
    But im not here to take their side , There are other issues too , the supply of add ons like wall brackets etc which is the major cause of delay , another issue with such installations is third party contracts , these third parties are not paid for years , and no money here is not a problem ,people have just complicated the systems .

    To sum it up , all i want to say is Mr Brian Bade please look after your team be it service , sales , VM or commercial .They have been overworked ,i think the attrition stats are clear indicators .And whatever you do at floor level you spoil it by your back end nuisance and chaotic processes .

    To Mr Khalid , I apologize as my words are off your subject and a bit lenient towards Digital and i encourage such reactions as this is the true purpose of social media which is public awareness . Congratulations .

    Thankyou ,
    Ex Reliance Digital Employee ,
    Anonymous. (Would like to keep it that way )

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  3. Ishma Siddiqi May 7, 2015 at 12:00 pm Reply

    Has your issue been resolved by Reliance?


    • Khalid Raza May 7, 2015 at 12:37 pm Reply

      Yes Ishma, Brian intervened and got this straightened. But I am not a happy customer still as it took me a lot of time and effort and Reliance did not compensate me for that in anyway. For sure they lost a customer and many more!


      • Ishma Siddiqi May 7, 2015 at 4:47 pm Reply

        I am glad your issue has been resolved. If only it had not taken all this effort. :/


      • Ishma Siddiqi June 12, 2015 at 8:08 pm Reply

        I understand. They pushed you. Brian, who?


        • Khalid Raza June 20, 2015 at 4:51 pm Reply

          He is the CEO of Reliance Retail – if you read the blog, you will see the name and the story.


          • Vivek April 15, 2016 at 5:59 pm Reply

            Hi Khalid

            I am having a harrowing time with reliance – such rude staff !!!!

            Please share Brian’s email id



      • satabdi kundu July 25, 2016 at 5:56 pm Reply

        I purched a hp laptop and a ph bot cost me total 75 k from relince digital kolkata saytam tower vip road on 8th july 2016. when i left the shop it was getting closed as it was 10pm ,after going home i saw some delect in the laptop could not do any thing as by then shop was closed and customer care was also closed.Next day morning i called the shop and tell them they told me to bring the laptop and I did the same ,they first try to maline me saying i would have done something My father is a govt of india employee and i m a softtware engineer in one of india top it firm ,how could they think we could lie such way after arguing they recived my product and told me i would get a replacement.I returend the product on 9th july they said to me they will notify me on 11july,but i didnt got a reply till 23 july,then i called them and they told will call me back in half and hour but didnt call.then i lodge a complaint 700135141.next day i visted d store and ask they why they were doing so,
        they didnt have an asnwer,but today they call me and say we cant give u replacement ,you have to recive the broken laptop.

        can u suggest me what to do


  4. Lakshman August 19, 2015 at 7:51 pm Reply

    I wish I had read this earlier. I am going through a harrowing experience with them as I write this. Please share Brian’s email ID so that I can escalate my issue to him and hope for an early resolution


  5. Reliance Digital (@RelianceDigital) August 24, 2015 at 11:14 am Reply

    Dear Lakshman,

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Request you to share your contact details at -http://bit.ly/1JkbVAn. We will get in touch with you and provide necessary assistance.

    Warm Regards,
    Reliance Digital


    • Khalid Raza April 18, 2016 at 8:25 pm Reply

      Guess what – now I am struggling with Reliance Mobile… lol
      You guys are just pathetic


      • vspai March 24, 2017 at 3:46 pm Reply

        Similar situation am in khalid. From last Saturday till now am another victim. Sent mail to CShead yesterday and someone called me and said that she would send a mail on our discussion and update me very soon as to when I will get my refund. And now I only see a canned response like all customer support teams. I bumped into this blog and thanks to you for sharing Brian’s mail I’d. I am sending home my mail and fight for my refund amount of 6545/-


  6. Naveen October 7, 2015 at 10:40 pm Reply

    I wish i read this before buying their resq care plan. My story started on Sep 17 2015 (complaint number 8004731418) and it is still going. Everyday I call the customer care and their standard response is either the technician will visit your place today or the technician is on the way, but unfortunately after the first visit on Sep 18 2015 no one ever reached my home (not sure if they travel from a different country by road/walk). In the initial visit they said that they need to replace some part and since I bought the resq care plan it will be done without any charge. I have even tried emailing them but all we receive is a automated response saying we will get back which is worst then the customer care, there atleast some one listens to you but here a machine just throws a automated response on your face.

    I completely agree with the all the sad experiences mentioned and above fully endorse their opinions.


  7. Reliance Digital (@RelianceDigital) October 8, 2015 at 5:58 pm Reply

    Dear Naveen,

    We regret the inconvenience you have faced. We believe our team has got in touch with you and here is the complaint number – 700080069 for future reference.

    At Your Service,
    Reliance Digital


  8. Naveen October 8, 2015 at 7:56 pm Reply

    I am afraid no one contacted me nor any one attended to the problem. This clearly shows how reliance digital takes people for a ride. It is just talking no action for any team involved.


  9. Reliance Digital (@RelianceDigital) October 10, 2015 at 1:17 pm Reply

    Dear Naveen,

    We are glad to know that your concern has been addressed and resolved. Hope that you are satisfied with our services. We will do our best to ensure that your next experience with us will be good and you will not face any more inconveniences. Here’s looking forward to your next visit at Reliance Digital. Please let us know if you have any further queries that we can assist you with.

    At Your Service,
    Reliance Digital


  10. Surbhi Sharma October 21, 2015 at 5:00 pm Reply

    Same is happening to me.
    I purchased an LG window A.C. on 11th Oct,2015 and I am still waiting for it to get installed.
    First of all, the technician demanded 2500 rs for installation that was supposed to be free according to the bill and conversation with the salesperson.

    When I counter argued, they told me that installation is free but they will be charging me for covering the space in my window left after installation.

    So,I got the frame for installation done by some other person and then the drama of following up with these Reliance guys began which is still in action.

    I am fed up of daily mailing, calling and escalating the issue. Everyday I am assured by one person or other that today would end of my woes and A.C. will get installed.

    I have tried every possible means – from calling their store, service center, customer care center to writing escalation mails to leaving them a comment/message on FB to calling their technician on his mobile and till now what I got was just another vague assurance.


    I am unable to go anywhere since 10 days as I expect the technician to arrive.
    Also they seem to just have one technician for entire Mumbai cause one of their technician is delaying the installation and they don’t seem to assign the task to another person even on repeated requests.

    Today is the 10th consecutive day of waiting to get the A.C. installed.




  11. Narendra April 20, 2016 at 7:49 pm Reply

    I am very disappointed with my AC purchased from Reliance digital store.
    My AC is not working and i raised a complaint 5 days back but no response yet.
    I called many times always they will say today they will visit.

    Dont purchase any product from Reliance digital , if you buy then yourself you will be hanged.
    Could you please give some give me CEO Brain bade CEO email ID.


    • arvind rupani May 21, 2017 at 5:29 pm Reply

      I was about to go to reliance digital store to purchase two air conditioners abd refrigerater about 320 litre capacity . I have stoped the idea of purchase from them. I will try some other store


  12. Arpana Dasgupta April 27, 2016 at 2:33 am Reply

    I am highly disappointed with the service provided by Reliance Digital. I bought an AC on 9/4/2016 from Reliance Digital store, Axis Mall, Rajarhat New Town , Kolkata in the name of my firm M/S Yuv Sicher System. The AC was delivered on 20/4/2016. The sales person called to appologize for the delay which I accepted as I didn’t have a choice. From then on further torture started. Till now(7 days), no one has come to install the AC inspite of my repeated mails & atleast 6 times calling their helpline number. Each time I was assured of an immediate action.
    I am already using a Reconnect AC for the last 3 years during which no one visited my place for servicing ispite of my repeated requests. I had even puchased the extended warranty after getting convinced with some exclusive offer like free servicing of any two of my household appliance(any brand) as part of their extended warranty package but it was a complete gimic & waste of money. I kept on calling for my washing machine day after day but no one turned up. Everytime I received SMS with complaint no followed by another SMS saying that my complaint has been attended. Just understand how this Reliance Digital is fooling their customers.
    I was stupid to get convinced yet again by the smart talks & lot of assurances by the sales representaive at the Reliance Digital store which I am regreting now.
    I would request all thoes who are reading my post not to go with this brand if you don’t want to make a fool of yourself.

    for YUV Sicher System
    Arpana Dasgupta


  13. Abdulsalam April 30, 2016 at 11:26 am Reply

    I purchased A Split AC from Reliance store (Inorbit mall, Hyderabad)which cost 40000 Rs. After the delay in delivery and delay in installation, reliance sent me an unqualified technician team who used my outdoor unit as a ladder (they ignored the warning on the box and stood on it) which caused effects in the body. Besides, they did not keep enough gap between the indoor unit and the ceil which caused a black spot within two days. I called the reliance store and the did not respond fast to their installation mistake( tomorrow sir, tomorrow sir) and my kids are suffering without Ac . I have some pictures to proof my issue. I can sue Reliance as I have all proofs beside I will use the media and social media as well to get my rights.


    • Kamran Anjum February 2, 2017 at 11:22 pm Reply

      I am also facing same issue. I purchased split AC got poor installation service and uneducated staff who talk roughly with customer.After installation remote of AC was not working talking to service team was very bad they talked very roughly and we’re least concerned. Bad experience of mine.


  14. Suseendar May 4, 2016 at 9:06 am Reply

    How to contact Brian Bade? I have been waiting for past 7 days. Several calls have been made. Left a tweet as well.


  15. shrikant Auti May 8, 2016 at 8:14 pm Reply

    Please give me Brian Bades mail ID I am very disappointed with reliance digital …..


  16. K.Sudhakaran June 1, 2016 at 2:40 pm Reply

    Actually I am also getting fed up with Reliance Digital. Inspite of numerous messages, nobody attended to my problem. Actually, my decision to purchase Airconditioner from
    reliance was a mistake. The most unrealistic company I dealt with in my life. Inspite of dozen number of promises, no action from the service team. I repent going to them. If the
    CEO of Reliance Digital is looking to this, please take action against the service team.. I made a mistake of paying them for 4 years AMC together.


  17. Chaitanya June 11, 2016 at 2:37 pm Reply

    Hey Khalid, Share Brian Bade’s mail id


  18. Soumya August 19, 2016 at 1:45 pm Reply

    I stay in Bangalore. About 3 weeks back, I purchased a Bosch dishwasher from Reliance Digital store located in Hulimavu, Bannerghatta Road. I was asked to contact service center for installation. I booked the service request to book for installation on 6th Aug at 12 pm. We kept the customer care at 9620652555. We were told the representative would visit in 1 hr evertime we called customer care. We waited for 4 hrs, and left home due to some personal commitments. We then got a call from the engineer at 5.15 pm, by that time we had already left home and hence asked engineer to come on 12th Aug. I rescheduled installation at 12 PM on 12 Aug. This time your technician arrived on time. At the outset he seemed totally uninterested complaining of long distance my house was. During installation, we found a defect in plumbing and need to broaden a hole to accommodate dishwasher. I told him to wait for an hour so I get it fixed. He got very furious and said he can’t wait anymore. He even started abusing and asked to complain to whoever we want to and left abruptly. I didn’t ask his name, but he was from JP Nagar office with mobile no. 8150995299.
    I am sorry to tell you that this is one of the most pathetic experience I had in my life. Its more than 2 weeks now, without the product installed which Reliance promises with 48hrs.



  19. AK September 7, 2016 at 1:43 pm Reply

    I was looking for Brian Bade’s email ID for a complain myself. And guess what, this post showed up as the third result on searching his name 😛

    You definitely made him famous.


  20. bimal bangar October 13, 2016 at 1:38 pm Reply

    Reliance Digital in Andheri Kurla Road Mumbai (sales manager name Rakesh Rathod) is too bad. Recently I wanted a DVD player to play a movie through a BanQ projector and pen drive. I told them that in case of problem i will exchange DVD player with something else if it does not play on projector. I told them i will exchange the same day. But that fellow refused to exchange. I wonder with this type of people Reliance Digital is definitely heading for dooms day.

    Bimal Bangar


  21. Arup October 14, 2016 at 1:20 am Reply

    Same experience:

    I had purchased a Blackberry Z3 phone together with a ResQ Care Plan (serial no. 204368) for it on 19-Oct-2014, that was valid from 19-Oct-2015 to 18-Oct-2016. It was from your Reliance Digital store at Mani Square Mall, Kolkata.

    I gave the phone for repairs to Reliance ResQ service centre at Rajdanga, Kolkata, on 10-Sep-2016. Almost one month has passed by and the service centre is not returning my phone, nor giving me a date by when they will return it. Every 3-4 days the last 3+ weeks I have been checking with them, and they always say that I should check back with them after 3-4 days. I have escalated this to their manager (Mr Suman) as well as to your Call Centre on 1-Oct-2016 and I was given a commitment that my phone will be returned today (5-Oct-2016). But on 5-Oct when I checked with the Service Centre / Suman, I was again told to wait for “a few more days”. Their excuse all these days is that they have sent it to Blackberry for repairs and hence can’t say when I will get back my phone.

    Seeing the long delay, I had asked Suman for replacement phone. But he had stated that my ResQ plan didn’t have provisions for replacement – this is directly contradicting the statement of the sales staff at the Reliance Digital store (Mani Square Mall) when she sold me the ResQ plan.

    On 5-Oct I had written to the Head of Customer Support, but absolutely nothing happened through this Level-1 escalation.

    On 7-Oct I complained to Level-2 escalation – their CEO – B M Bade.

    On 9-Oct their C S Head (looks like it is a department, and not a person) calls me assuring me (over phone as well as via email) that I will get back my phone on 13-Oct.

    13-Oct: nothing happened. They did not return my phone.

    These guys are absolutely pathetic. I am not even sure whether these guys have stolen it from me. Should I file a police complain?


  22. Reliance Digital (@RelianceDigital) October 18, 2016 at 6:31 pm Reply

    Dear Arup,

    We regret to know of your unpleasant experience and assure you that your concern is being addressed on priority. Request you to provide your contact details at http://bit.ly/RDCustomerCareand we will contact you.

    At Your Service,
    Reliance Digital


    • Arup October 31, 2016 at 5:13 pm Reply

      Please call me on 9432104480.


  23. Sarabjit October 26, 2016 at 2:50 pm Reply

    I had purchased a Samsung Galaxy A5 from Reliance Digital with extended Warranty. I submitted by phone on 25th September for Repair. Its 26th October now, and no one is telling me when they will return my phone. Have sent n mails to CS Head, n tweets on RelainceDigital…no use. Seriously feeling cheated. I have written to the CEO today…hoping someone will wake up.

    Sarabjit Madan


  24. Reliance Digital (@RelianceDigital) October 27, 2016 at 5:11 pm Reply

    Dear Sarabjit,

    We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. We request you to share your contact details at the following link – http://bit.ly/RDCustomerCare Our team will soon get back to you and provide a resolution.

    At Your Service,
    Reliance Digital


  25. ABC Kumar January 2, 2017 at 5:48 pm Reply

    Its my opinion that the employees of Reliance Digital are making fool to their Higher Management and the customers. Even more to this almost all the med and lower management are joined together for doing this and making their own profit and comfort and the actual complain doesn’t goes to higher management at all


  26. Md Shahbaz Khan February 23, 2017 at 4:46 pm Reply

    This is Mohammed Shahbaz Khan from Kolkata, on December 11th 2016 I went to Reliance digital Kolkata (Axis Mall) showroom and bought a Samsung washing machine, Daikin split AC and smart LED LG Television by paying Rupees. 1, 12,000 in cash which they delivered me in Jan’17 and installation was completed after a week, but unfortunately I was unable to use the browsing and other feature of smart TV so I called them but they redirected me to the LG customer care which I did and got an appointment after week.
    It was horrible for me when the LG technician came to my house and said that this is not a smart TV however this has the basic feature of smart TV like you can watch videos via YouTube but you cannot avail the browsing facility and other smart TV features.
    So I called the Reliance Digital showroom and said everything, they replied that they will look into the matter and they will get back to me but I am not getting any response from anyone.
    Worst thing is that whenever I am calling getting the same scripted response that they will get back to me as soon as possible but didn’t get any response even after a week.
    Would request you to please help me escalating this issue to higher level to get resolution. It would be really helpful if you share the email address of higher management like, CEO, customer service director etc.
    Many thanks,
    Mohammed Shahbaz Khan @ Mds.Khan@tcs.com



  27. arvind rupani May 21, 2017 at 5:43 pm Reply

    reading experiences of so many persons I have decided not to buy from them. It seems reliance is a cheat company not a company who looks after thei customers


  28. arvind rupani May 21, 2017 at 5:45 pm Reply

    after thought; I will ask them I will pay only after delivery to my satisfaction


  29. Shridhar Shanbhag May 22, 2017 at 4:58 pm Reply

    It’s worst experience, please do not buy anything from Reliance Digital.
    One of the worst customer service which includes top CS head also not responding.
    We cannot accept these type of services.

    We are in service industry for us customer priority is the first. But reliance it’s last priority.

    SO request you all do not buy anything from Reliance, No digital which includes dish tv or A/C any thing do not buy from Reliance.


  30. Khalid Chutya May 31, 2017 at 10:45 am Reply

    Guys, reliance is doing a good job, Khalid faced a problem and he made this blog, same way think of many people who go exceptional service too. You never know Khalid may have shared a made up story. This blog is like mandir khula nahi aur bhikhario ki line lag gayi


  31. LT Gen J S Bhatnagar June 22, 2017 at 11:49 am Reply

    I took RESQ plan for my TV set on 25 May 2016. The motherboard got burnt on 07 May 20172 (within warranty period). I reported the defect to customersupport @resq.in on 10 May 2017 . In-spite of repeated assurances by RESQ nothing has been done to repair/replace the component in the last 40 days or so . I am really disappointed, if I took the right decision to trust Reliance Digital’s tall claims.


  32. Manohar Kakade August 15, 2017 at 1:31 am Reply

    Liars and cheaters. Now they have political backing of Fekus and dictators so you are now helpless against them.


  33. Kartik September 14, 2017 at 6:25 pm Reply

    Reliance digital is having tie ups with many companies for after sales services. They have a team called RESQ (a useless team)

    I have purchased a Hitachi AC in April-2016 and not getting any service from RESQ. I had to drop one of the free services last year just because RESQ not attended any request and closed the request at their own. Hitachi customer care is suggesting to go to RESQ only as they have agreement with Reliance digital.

    The gas in the compressor has reduced just in one year of installation, which is not being filled (within warranty period) since long after a number of requests made. Lastly I have sent a mail to CEO today. Waiting for the services to be done….


  34. Devidas March 20, 2018 at 10:10 am Reply

    Never ever buy anything from reliancedigital at least in Bangalore as their after sales service is horrible. I had bought a AC from them and unfortunately I had even bought the extended warranty from them. Now when I had requested for service I am facing the same problem . I am being given different timings about the technician visit. After wasting two days waiting for the technician I feel frustrated and helpless . I have learnt my lesson and in future will never go for these AMCs . It would be better to hire the services of the local technician in your area for servicing then to keep waiting endlessly for their technician to visit your place.


  35. Deepjyoti Dutta May 10, 2018 at 11:01 pm Reply

    Myself, Deepjyoti Dutta.Ph no registered(9073908556). I had installed Reliance Re-connect last year and it is still within the 2 years replacement warranty periods. Currently my AC is not working and Reliance digital service engineer visited my shop and told me that they need 1 week time to fix my AC,which has been crossed. Between, I spoke with their service centre executive (Animesh), he said due to not having the parts available,entire AC bonet has to be change and I had to Pay Rs.17400 which is not possible.

    I am very confused and Frustrated now,

    1) Why I should pay for the parts? Parts has been damaged by the rat(I know it is silly) . I believe it is not physical damage. I have no control on it.
    2) Why I have to wait that long to get it fix?

    3) Why I should pay extra for not having Parts available?

    When I bought this AC, I have been told it has two years replacement warranty. No where it is written in reliance clause that I have to pay even it is not physical damage. It is really very frustrating. Wrong commitment by Brand.

    Kindly look into this and advice.


    Deepjyoti Dutta


  36. Sanjay Bhat June 12, 2018 at 6:42 pm Reply

    I am facing similar horrible issues with Reliance Digital and Dell. Have reached out to Brian Bade


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