Is Indigo turning Purple? @IndiGo6E

Purple or bluish discoloration could be caused by lack of oxygen in the red blood cells.

Is this what Indigo suffering from – brimming with staff which lacks compassion and logic and is struggling to be humane?

I flew with Indigo, on 25th Nov 2016, to celebrate my son’s birthday with his grandparents however, I was surprised to see no special counters for infants at the Bangalore Airport. Since we were early, it was not an issue – we took our boarding passes and spent the time in the lounge. Then came the big one – no seat belts for infants! I implored Roja, air hostess, and she demonstrated the first sign of lack of life by saying, “Yes we do not provide seat belts to infants. If you have issues, please send a message to this number”, pointing to the seat in front of me. Before I could say anything, she left, assuming me to be a tyro flyer.

I reached out to Indigo’s team on social and met a dead end. My network was aghast with  the way handled the issue but it seems they are flying high. See this:

While they did reply about the seat belt, on which I am still surprised as we have flown with many other airlines and they all provide it, but no one cared about touching the topic of how their staff spoke with me. Is it too much expect that their staff should be polite and caring?

#1: Roja, the flight attendant should have been given feedback on how to speak with customers.

On 12th Dec 2016, after my initial flight was cancelled, I landed at the airport to see a long serpentine queue (because of cancelled flights due to fog etc.). Again, I couldn’t figure out any special assistance queue for Sr. Citizens or infants or pregnant ladies. I asked the lady sitting at the counter and he shrugged off and directed me to a ‘manager’ who happened to be another lady. Pooja, the manager, had no qualms in sending me and my wife back this long queue (imagine how much their staff cared for women support), although I repeatedly told her that we are with my 12 months old son. She was adamant and curt. My son Zayaan has traveled 7 times in last 12 months, including international flights and everywhere we have been given preference, however Indigo staff has its own purple rules. Even Big Bazaar has special queues for pregnant ladies, infants and people with special needs.

I had no choice but to stand in that queue for around 40 odd minutes with 2 bags and a kid on us. I reached out to Indigo teams on social and see what thrashing their brand is getting

Also see the embarrassment they are facing on Facebook:

#2: Why no one cared and/or cares for Women and Infants in Indigo? How do you plan to change this?
#3: Why was my family and I were made to suffer?
#4: What feedback has been given to Pooja, the manager?

And this is not where it ends, after boarding we realize that we have been double booked and another couple had been given same seat numbers. All passengers were seated and flight was delayed till the ground staff came and sorted it and gave us new seats.

And my struggle did not end. I sent out an email (customer.relations@GOINDIGO.IN) to them, as told by a lady who called me and did not know the issue at all, which they refused to acknowledge/read. I sent out many tweets and finally they read my email and see their response after 8 days


Their response is ‘all English’ and no action. Indigo has not clarified why there are no special queue? Who is responsible for not having special queues? What action/feedback has been articulated for the rude staff? Why no one ever bothered to call me and explain?

I replied to their email on the same day but they never responded to me.

I want someone to see this blog (and apathy) and find a solution. I am not happy the way things have unfolded and more so by the people who have communicated with me. The team on social is lost as lambs and no one has cared to reach out to me. Anyways – let me not solution your pale customer service.


You heard (read) me and I will wait to hear from you, before I decide my next step which also includes not using your services and convincing my network of friends, colleagues, relatives and all women force to not use your services. I will also recommend to IBM to discontinue the tie-up with your company for corporate bookings.

I hope this blog breathes some oxygen in Indigo and someone wakes up to take care of this.

Thank you!


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One thought on “Is Indigo turning Purple? @IndiGo6E

  1. maureenmonte January 9, 2017 at 7:45 pm Reply

    This is a great example of how to make a bad situation worse. My question to them would be this: Do you care for your aircraft engines better than you care for your clients? I sure hope so, but because both are important, and because I see how they care for clients, I would fear that aircraft maintenance receives the same lack of respect. Customers vote with their wallet and their feet. Spend your time and money elsewhere, and share the bad news about their corporate culture. By the way, what the heck is a “competent regulatory authority”? Are seat belts only mandated by incompetent regulatory authorities followed by the other airlines? Hmm… quoting Shakespeare, something is fishy in Denmark… Are engine maintenance and brake fluid recommendations made by incompetent regulatory authorities? And what does incompetent client service look like? Oh wait, we already know.


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