Strengths, Social & Employee Engagement – the Perfect Formula!

What employee engagement means to me

What makes you stand out?
What were YOU born to do?

Employee engagement is the outcome of a work experience. In aggregate, it is a two-way exchange of energy between an employer and their employees that benefits key business metrics and a great customer experience. For the individual, employee engagement is the personal connection between their value as a human (their holistic talents, skills, and experiences) being leveraged in a role which supports a company’s vision and mission. To an external observer, employee engagement looks like a never ending carnival of collaboration, networking, engaging with colleagues without boundaries, learning and reinventing in an organization which makes it possible. This view of employee engagement not only foments a great experience for employees, but also contributes to client engagement – building bonds with customers that result in greater loyalty, spending, and advocacy. That’s what employee engagement means to me.

Khalid and I are prime examples of how two employees can collaborate across organizational and geographical boundaries (we are separated by a mere 9,000 miles or so!), using social business tools, to encourage other employees to boost productivity and camaraderie, thus creating an engaging workplace.

What were YOU born to do?

When my good friend and colleague Khalid asked me to be a guest blogger, I was delighted! This is truly an assignment reflective of social glamour because I’ve never met Khalid, yet we are socially connected. Khalid is in India. I’m in Detroit. We’ve spent hours and hours of time together, and our efforts have had a positive impact on our universe. I’m going to use this blogging opportunity to prove to you that two people committed to a better future, combined with the use of social media, can change the world. It can also help you figure out what you were put on this earth to do.

How did we start?

Let me take a step back and talk about how the two of us teamed up. Continue reading “Strengths, Social & Employee Engagement – the Perfect Formula!”


Glamourizing your blog with videos

Hi everyone, I’m Silvia Mihailescu, Khalid’s colleague and friend from IBM, and this is my response to a request of contributing to the super social glamour blog 🙂 There is so much to say about videos, and through my work in Communications I learned that although they can be excellent message carriers, very few people dare to play with videos and especially record themselves.  Sometimes that’s a probably a better choice (kidding…or not) but in some many cases we’re missing a lot by not experimenting with videos. Hopefully my vlog today will encourage you to be brave and try it … Continue reading Glamourizing your blog with videos