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Hampi – Hallowed land and delight

The sheer abundance of delicately placed, intricate ruins on the barren lands takes you back to an era we all wish to see but can never live in – remember androids and wifis!

There are some places where you always want to go but never find the perfect mix to begin. For me that was Hampi trip – I have been planning this trip for more than 2 years but somehow every-time we planned, we skipped. One of the key reason for that was lack of information and hence I am penning this blog for others to know what to do, what to avoid and some tips. And you know I will tell stories too and will not instill logophobia!

Hampi is a mix of a set from Jurassic Park and the Flintstones – it feels like  you are on Mars or as if you’ve teleported back in time. Huge boulders can be seen scattered around  – sometimes you wonder how kings and soldiers must have lived here or may be some dinosaurs jumped around on them while the river slowly flowed with palm trees swayed overhead.

Bangalore to Hampi Road Condition

Hampi is a UNESCO world heritage site in Karnataka, India, about 7 hours from Bangalore. Since I always drive, I did an extensive research on this as for me driving is a key experience. Finally the route I took was perfect with beautiful roads and hardly any traffic – I touched 180 at certain points, with 140 being consistent. See the route below: Start from Bangalore to reach Hiriyur and then take right to go to Ballari and then Hampi.


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I would have to tell you that there are hardly any good eating joints on this route, so if you do get one, then eat, unless you are fine with local spots.

Where to stay in Hampi

Since I am a Hyatt fan, I decided to stay there. However, Hyatt Place Hampi, lacked the zest and could not make it awesome for me. This property is in Vidyanagar Township, which is beautiful, and around 1 hr away from Hampi. There are couple of places near Hyatt to eat in Vidyanagar Township and I would totally recommend ‘Convertor’ restaurant in Hampi House. The food was simply amazing and super inexpensive. You can hardly find this on net but take my word!

I would recommend you to stay in Hampi and not anywhere else.

What to see in Hampi

Well, Hampi is a town with ruins scattered all over the place, hence you are required to visit each place. If you have a car then you can take it to all the places, else you can hire an auto or cab. Also see the park and museum in Vidyanagar Township.

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What to wear and more

Sunscreen and sport shoes. I made a mistake and did not take both – no one told me! You will thank me for this. The heat accentuates once it reflects from the stones and hence you need to dress accordingly. Sport shoes are needed as you are required to walk in and out of ruins, walk up and down, so be ready. Carry water, although you can find soda bottles, juice counters everywhere. Buy a guide book as it will tell you some details of the place you are seeing. The boards outside each monument left a lot to be desired.

After driving for around 800 kms and spending 3 days in Hampi, I am left with more thirst to see the place. I plan to go again and stay on the other side of the town (see the image above) – will I remember to blog about that? I guess not. But if you have been there, do share your thoughts and tips.


Why should you never buy at Reliance Digital

In the world of Internet Customer Service, it’s important to remember your competitor is only one mouse click away. ~ Doug Warner

This is not a rant, but a story/use-case to share the power social has given us to reclaim what is rightfully ours and how brands need to be careful of their actions. If you have faced similar challenges, I would request you to share your story below. I will be sharing this blog with Brian Bade, CEO of Reliance Retail.
Reliance Digital Khalid Raza #SocialGlamor

It all happened on 6th April 2015, a hot day in Bangalore, while watching the brilliantly orchestrated advertisement of Reliance Digital, I convinced myself to buy an air-conditioner (AC) from the store. My friend, Debarati and I, along with my wife, went to the Reliance Digital store, located in Phoenix Market City Mall in Bangalore.

The sales team did a great job to convince us to buy 2 AC units, promising free deliver and installation. They also forced us to buy addition services, although we resisted the temptation and now I am convinced it was a good decision. The sale was prompt and we left the store after spending INR 76,000 on two top range Samsung AC units.

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Why do we fall [6 min video]

Life is not about winning, it is about not giving up. This video will change the way you look at your life.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas A. Edison

If this video moved you, share it with your network. Also reply and tell us what is one thing you want to do in life. This is your first step to accept the challenge!

Let’s build that park!

Picture1The school bell rang
we scampered through the hallways
rushing to the park
making plans for the day.

Bruised knees, but stronger will
so much fun so much thrill,
smell of grass and the sting of bee
I was young, what happened to me?

The park is gone, I see a mall,
a lot of light, I feel so small.
Did we grow or did we fall?
Instead of grass, we got pin-ball!

Let’s save our planet, lets build that park
where we can walk and our kids can spark.
The light of the mall is not what we need
we need brighter hearts, to take away the dark!

Your’re gone!

I walk alone, walking down the road

seeing what no one knows

talking to myself, conversation grows

This happens all the time, when you are gone


Coffee stains on the table.. Read complete poem

The value of life!

He reaches his pocket and takes out the last cigarette he has, as he crashes on the sack of sheets used to wrap dead bodies. Ramesh is tired today. The last couple of hours were very busy for him as he is the only one in the graveyard.

He thinks of Sumaiya, the one he laid under the willow today, as he lights the cigarette. He never imagined of doing this, but he is the only one in town. Sumaiya was killed by a mob, like so many others, in the Ustad Nawab colony, that night. Yet another communal clash.

She was blind but could recognize Ramesh’s arrival, somehow. He used to get jalebi for her and she always made him eat half of it. He lost his mother today. He could not imagine how people can kill for religion – he was angry and weary as he laid almost 20 bodies today.

As he puffs the last drag, he gets up to get to his small room at the other end of the graveyard. Suddenly, a red coupe stops in front of the big rusty gate of the compound. He approaches the car, little terrified as he had never seen a shiny, long car like the one in front of him.Sad man

The glass of the car rolls down as the drizzle picks up, making it difficult to see who is inside the car. A hand, probably of a rich female, comes out with a black polythene bag, now getting wet due to the falling droplets. As he holds the bag, the lady in the car hands out another packet to Ramesh – a bundle of notes.

He now has to dig another grave for this foetus, which looked like a girl! He put the bundle of notes with the feotus.

As he lies on the mat in his room, he wonders what is the value of life, where people have become killers!

Last Namaz!

“Please don’t be late, beta!”, Fatima tells her son Kashim, who is busy eating his favorite ‘haleem’. He loves haleem and she knew it. The preparation is special today to celebrate Kashim’s sixteenth birthday. His father brought him a kurta-pyjama on his last birthday before he was vanished. No one knew where is he. Kashim is all what Fatima has apart from a goat, they him Chotu.

Kashim gets up, careful of the haleem stains, not to spoil his favorite dress and a deep-rooted memory of his father. Kashim and his father, always used to go for Friday’s namaz together, along with Abdul, but those days are gone! He taps Chotu’s head and jumps out of the door. Fatima stands there as they both step towards the turn of the lane. She smiles and returns to pick up the dishes.

Allah wasn’t kind with Abdul and took away his eyesight when he was two years old but he is as talented as anyone in the village. Abdul loved this special fruit ‘antera’ and that’s one more reason why they were best friends.

After washing dishes, Fatima turns the radio on and the news of minister’s visits makes her wonder, although she has no hopes. The next news of killing of two young militants, although a regular one, stops her for a minute, and then she moves towards the kitchen to prepare for the dinner.

She did not know that tonight she did not have to make it for two.

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