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Managing personal & professional identities


Did a colleague, friend you on Facebook? Is your LinkedIn profile a resume? In our increasingly complex and overlapping information world, understanding how to balance personal and professional personas is critical. Do you struggle to manage your personal and professional identities on social media platforms and networking sites? 

I spoke to IBM‘s internal audience yesterday on the topic of ‘Managing personal & professional identities’ and shared my thoughts around the same. Credit goes to my colleague and friend Jeanette Fuccella for helping me structure the talk.

Managing Identities 2014 Khalid Raza SocialGlamor

We all represent multiple different personas. In our personal lives, we have relationships with family and friends; we have hobbies and interests, sports teams, and passions. Similarly, in our professional lives we have relationships with colleagues, interests, a job role, possibly a job that we aspire to, skills, organizational alliance, etc.

Sometimes these two worlds overlap and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they should, and sometimes they probably shouldn’t. While there aren’t too many hard and fast rules, there are some general rules of the road. We need to be cognizant of when we should keep our personal and professional identities separate and when to merge them. There are benefits and pitfalls either way but more importantly, we all have to make that decision for ourselves.

What is the answer?
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Where is your internal Social Strategy?

The need for social strategy.
Strategy 2014 Khalid Raza SocialGlamorA friend of mine, joined an organization recently, emailed me one day and asked me to mentor him on use of social tools within the organization and also help him create more robust SocialGlamor for him in the wider world. While chatting with him, I asked, why does he need to use these tools and his response stumped me! He wanted to use these tools to catch up with people, around him, who are using them everyday. He did not know WHY he needed to become social. He also mentioned that he does not have time for it but his leadership wants him to become social. This is more dangerous that the Cloned Social concept!

Where are we heading?
The use of social tools, like twitter, facebook, Connections, blogging etc should make us more productive, is what i understood all along, but recently the pull-push marketing has made the use these tools just a fashion statement. “Because everyone is using it, you should”, is a fallacy and will make more fatigued employees and will defeat the purpose.
Organizations need to be careful while pushing employees to use social media in the wake of becoming social business. The stress of work and then this additional task of ‘using’ social tools will hamper the productivity and natural uptake of these tools.
The focus should be on efficiency – the ability to accomplish a job with minimum effort, in least amount of time, using less resources and yet being effective.
The first question every organization should ask itself is, “Do we have a Social Strategy?” This is the starting point in creating, if there isn’t. Most of the companies are yet to reach the phase where their social strategy, if exists, compliments the Talent Strategy. These two can not be exclusive. Never! Continue reading

Your Information: How much is too much?

In today’s world, our ‘social’ world, which is dominated by uninterrupted stream of status updates, photos, videos, blogs etc, how do you ensure that the information is not crossing the line? The line,which may or may not be visible to many, but is of utmost importance for an organization.

A survey for Intel Corporation on mobile etiquette and digital sharing showed that 90 percent of Americans think too much is being divulged, and nearly half feel overwhelmed by all the all the data that is out there.

One in five of the 2,008 people questioned by Ipsos Observer for Intel admitted that some of what they post is false. SourceTweet It’

How much information #SocialGlamor Khalid Raza

This may be true on a personal network like Facebook or Myspace (do people still use it?) however in an organization, the leak of information is a real threat when every employee has free access to the collaboration tool.

In IBM, every employee has access to Continue reading

5 reasons why you must say No to LinkedIn recommendations

Do you feel recommendations on LinkedIn are doing good to your career? Think again as some of them can actually be detrimental to your next job application.

Yesterday I was chatting with one my colleagues and he mentioned how he ‘Googles’ the candidate before and while interviewing him/her. He quipped that he gets a lot more information than just talking to the potential candidate. Is that right? And it has definitely happened to you – employers do Google the candidates.

What are they looking for?

LinkedIn Recommendations Khalid Raza #SocialGlamor

They want to see your online professional presence on sites like LinkedIn, but they won’t mind seeing your Facebook page or your dating website profile. If it’s available!

I love LinkedIn. For the simple reason that it allows me to see who started where and is doing what. I get to connect with many people and who knows, I may find my dream job or an assignment or a stretch. I adore the recommendations part – it allows people to see what I have been doing and how it is impacting others. People are vouching for my work.

If there are no recommendations; the hiring manager may think, “OK. Nobody was impressed,” or “I don’t appreciate your efforts,” or even, “Jeez, Don’t hire him/her.” Now don’t stop reading the write-up and go to your profile to beg for recommendations from all your contacts. You will do more harm than good.

While you should have recommendations, you need to ensure that you avoid these five mistakes: Continue reading

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