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Destination Unstoppable with Maureen Monte – A Journey of Strengths

On 28th July 2011, almost 5 years ago, I got an email from a lady, asking me to remove a link from IBM Manager Community – a place for all IBM People Managers, across the globe. I was the community manager then. It was 12:10 AM, India Standard Time and I was surprised – why would someone ask me to take down anything from a community I manage! The sender was Maureen Monte – someone I have never seen, never met, spoken to only once on a call with few other people.

Her point was valid – Why should we restrict the learning to a special set of people, when we can make a bigger, larger, more astounding impact. We did exchange few emails back and forth and we both knew, we are heading towards something brilliant.

We both joined hands and ran. The result of our partnership was the ‘biggest’ virtual learning event in IBM till date – from attendance: over 7000 people enrolled and attended the webinar sessions. Greater than 90% of the responses indicated that the workshops were valuable and should be shared with other IBMers.

I checked the replay data today: Our five webinar recordings have been downloaded over 12,500 times, accounting for 40% of all the downloaded recordings since June, 2011 (There are total 72 recordings). Continue reading


Driving talent engagement through social

Talent is the biggest challenge organizations are facing in today’s environment where the millennials are taking charge. Employers all over the world are looking to find ways to keep employees engaged. Gallup research shows that only 13% of employees around the world are actively engaged at work, and more than twice that number are so disengaged, that they are likely to spread negativity to others.

If people are not engaged, how can leaders attain those business objectives that are critical to improving organizational performance? And, at the same, we need our leaders to engage employees.


An engaged employee becomes an asset to the team, department, business unit and organization by continuously thinking about the bigger picture. In his book, Getting Engaged: The New Workplace Loyalty, author Tim Rutledge explains that the truly engaged employees are attracted to, and inspired by, their work (“I want to do this”), committed (“I am dedicated to the success of what I am doing”), and fascinated (“I love what I am doing”). Engaged employees care about the future of the company and are willing to invest the discretionary effort – exceeding duty’s call – to ensure that the organization succeeds.

Talent engagement is not a goal, it is a state of being; focus should stay on sustaining it.

Most organizations have an annual employee engagement survey which helps leaders assess the engagement levels but it’s…

Read the complete article on People Matters or on LinkedIn.

24 Awesome #Talent Quotes for You

Here is a list of quotes for you to learn and share. I will continue to add more from time to time.

  1. #WorkCulture – Leaders enable, employees sustain it. [Tweet this]
  2. Working with a good manager is like having fresh food – anything after that tastes bad!
  3. Not sure if employees leave because of bad managers, but for sure employees stay back for good ones.
  4. Leadership isn’t about you but about people, their culture and your ability to take them along.
  5. Organizations need to focus on work culture and experience.
  6. The crux of life is to learn something new, everyday and share it with others!
  7. Leadership isn’t about others but you! Learn to lead yourself ethically and others will follow.
  8. Organizations forget the ‘L’ and provide ‘earning’ which only fulfills the material demands. Make people hungry for learning and growth. [Tweet this]
  9. Work Culture is made by Leaders. If you want a certain culture, be prepared to walk the talk. [Tweet this]
  10. Don’t invest in technology and use people. Rather invest in people and use technology. [Tweet this]

11. Data is not Analytics. Its use to solve business challenge is. [Tweet this]

12. Mentoring isn’t about you, it is about the mentee. Don’t make your clones.[Tweet this]

13. Some people make your worklife misreable. How to deal with them?

14. Never give up but give up foolishness. [Tweet this]

15. Learning is the easiest thing one can do – the most difficult one is taking the first step. #Growyourcareer #Talent [Tweet this]

16. The best way to succeed in life is to act on the advice we give to others! #Life #Talent #Career [Tweet this]

17. Our super-charged, hyper-connected workforce needs active, #social and open #leaders. Cherish or Perish! #socbiz #Leadership [Tweet this]

18. Talent is not what you have, but what you do with it. #Success #Leadership [Tweet this]

19. Talent alone will not take you there, start working on your #Attitude #Success #Life [Tweet this]

20. Even the hardest #sellers have to understand the soft client issues. #SalesTip #Success [Tweet this]

21. Create a plan & assign importance – then learning will become a ‘part’ of your life rather than just a part of your routine. [Tweet this]

22. Money isn’t everything in life. Those who get this are always happy. Those who don’t are sometimes happy [Tweet this]

23. The most interested people in any meeting are the ones who hardly care! #Ironic #workplacefun [Tweet this]

24. Employee engagement is not a destination but a journey #Talent [Tweet this]

Feel free to add your quotes if you wish me to include them here under #QuotebyKhalid. Please only share your original quotes.

Will you #ScorewithData and #WontGiveItBack?

In Cricket, numbers matter more than the reputation. Are you ready to know more than others?

India is a secular country with multiple spoken languages, beliefs and religions. If you travel here, you would see rich diversity and intriguing cultures at every 50 km. The dialects change, the clothing differs, food habits vary but one thing remains – the passion for Cricket! When it comes to cricket, India transforms into one big playground.

#ScorewithData #WontGiveItBack #SocialGlamor Khalid RazaCricket is not our official national game but undoubtedly it is more popular than it. With Cricket World Cup 2015 round the corner, the entire nation is gearing up for the festivities of the game. The best part of the game is the ‘expert’s opinion’ we get from anyone sitting in the room – everyone knows more than the person sitting next to them. And mostly all of them are wrong.

But this time, YOU can become a real expert and impress your friend, colleagues and that uncle of yours who feel he knows more than anyone. Are you ready to #ScorewithData and be the master of the game?

This world cup, millions of cricket fans from around the world will witness IBM’s cloud and analytics technologies turn data into insights with the aim of providing an unforgettable experience for every fan as they enjoy the 2015 World Cup Cricket tournament. 

#ScorewithData #WontGiveItBack #SocialGlamor Khalid Raza 2IBM India has tied up with Wisden to leverage its advanced Big Data & Analytics & Cognitive Computing capabilities to trigger meaningful conversations around Cricket by throwing up compelling insights from historic, real-time and social sentiment based data. IBM will use Wisden’s proprietary ‘Impact Index’ to process the information and scale it into an automated engine that produces Impact Index-based data points that in turn provide the impact score of each player and team. This will further furnish the Impact that each player/team might have in a match, basis various parameters such as runs, economy rate, pressure play etc.

So imagine how much interesting it would be watch the cricket match coupled with accurate and compelling insights from IBM. The Real Time component will also include producing real time incidents using the Impact Index during matches, and giving key insights to audience on the influence such incidents have had in the past matches, and therefore peaking the audience interest to expect similar outcomes or otherwise.

IBM has been actively involved with ‘The Masters’(golf) to US Open and Wimbledon (Tennis) – to engage the audience producing rich insights during game sessions. Now IBM India will enhance the cricket fan experience in the Cricket World Cup 2015.

So what are you waiting for? Tweet this blog now to start and join the conversation..

Are you as eager as I am? What kind of analytics would you like to see while watching the gripping encounters?

#IBMVerse #NewWaytoWork

Here’s the answer to the oft repeated question – what if we could reinvent the way people interact with each other at workplace.

IBM Verse

Yesterday in New York, IBM created future by launching ‘A New Way To Work,’ featuring IBM Verse, the next generation of enterprise email. IBM Verse is taking mail users from ‘no’ to ‘know’ way of working. The revolutionary concept of IBM Verse comes from combined insights – IBM research, IBM design, social and open way of working, client and marketplace understanding – and their visualization of ‘What if we organized the mail inbox around people?’

Jeff Schick, General Manager, Enterprise Social Solutions, IBM, unveiled IBM Verse, which integrates the many ways employees interact every day – email, meetings, calendars, file sharing, social updates, instant messaging etc. IBM Verse is mail that understands you. Because it’s cloud-enabled, designed for mobile devices, and powered by IBM’s analytics and advanced search, IBM Verse works for you, not the other way around.

It clears the clutter in your mailbox and provides more clarity. Experienced through a simple, see-only-what-you-need interface, it helps you focus on the things that matter most. And, it will connect the ‘I to the we,’ with an array of intelligent, secure and engaging social apps.

IBM Verse will open up new ways to work together. It will be available through ‘invitation-only’ for clients, partners and IBMers, with the beta-phase continuing through 2Q 2015.

In my view, IBM Verse breathes in new life into the email culture, kicking off a new way of working. It will establish some good habits like, using files as a way to send attachments, restricting unnecessary copy to the world etc.

It will also allow intelligent understanding and use of the inbox. For example: Users can save a search of a particular favorite or prioritized contact, users can see exactly what projects need their action without having to sift through tons of emails to prioritize and find information.

I love the way the calendar bar blends in at the bottom of the screen. The placement is based on a lot of design and research work and it makes a difference. Users can quickly see what their day looks like and can navigate the calendar through the day or night. When you click on the picture of one of the people you get a quick access menu, which allows you to start an email, chat, or meeting with that person with one click.

Lot of good things served in one place for sure. Now the question we need to ask is, will it enable social and open way of working or will it make the adoption of social more difficult? What do you think? Do let me know!

Edited by: Vanitha Poojary

You can make your workplace ‘happy’

shutterstock_124097521My Sametime (IBM internal instant messaging tool) status says ‘Let’s interact’ as I feel the more we connect the more productive we become. I never liked the plain old vanilla ‘Available.’ I see the green button, I know you are available. I also like what Tim Collins, Director, HR Talent, Development & Resources, IBM and my manager has as his ST status, ‘How can I help you?’ In this era of virtual connectivity, the more genuine human emotions we express, the better it is for all of us. It goes a long way in bringing people closer in the world ‘w i d e’ web. Continue reading

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