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Will you #ScorewithData and #WontGiveItBack?

In Cricket, numbers matter more than the reputation. Are you ready to know more than others?

India is a secular country with multiple spoken languages, beliefs and religions. If you travel here, you would see rich diversity and intriguing cultures at every 50 km. The dialects change, the clothing differs, food habits vary but one thing remains – the passion for Cricket! When it comes to cricket, India transforms into one big playground.

#ScorewithData #WontGiveItBack #SocialGlamor Khalid RazaCricket is not our official national game but undoubtedly it is more popular than it. With Cricket World Cup 2015 round the corner, the entire nation is gearing up for the festivities of the game. The best part of the game is the ‘expert’s opinion’ we get from anyone sitting in the room – everyone knows more than the person sitting next to them. And mostly all of them are wrong.

But this time, YOU can become a real expert and impress your friend, colleagues and that uncle of yours who feel he knows more than anyone. Are you ready to #ScorewithData and be the master of the game?

This world cup, millions of cricket fans from around the world will witness IBM’s cloud and analytics technologies turn data into insights with the aim of providing an unforgettable experience for every fan as they enjoy the 2015 World Cup Cricket tournament. 

#ScorewithData #WontGiveItBack #SocialGlamor Khalid Raza 2IBM India has tied up with Wisden to leverage its advanced Big Data & Analytics & Cognitive Computing capabilities to trigger meaningful conversations around Cricket by throwing up compelling insights from historic, real-time and social sentiment based data. IBM will use Wisden’s proprietary ‘Impact Index’ to process the information and scale it into an automated engine that produces Impact Index-based data points that in turn provide the impact score of each player and team. This will further furnish the Impact that each player/team might have in a match, basis various parameters such as runs, economy rate, pressure play etc.

So imagine how much interesting it would be watch the cricket match coupled with accurate and compelling insights from IBM. The Real Time component will also include producing real time incidents using the Impact Index during matches, and giving key insights to audience on the influence such incidents have had in the past matches, and therefore peaking the audience interest to expect similar outcomes or otherwise.

IBM has been actively involved with ‘The Masters’(golf) to US Open and Wimbledon (Tennis) – to engage the audience producing rich insights during game sessions. Now IBM India will enhance the cricket fan experience in the Cricket World Cup 2015.

So what are you waiting for? Tweet this blog now to start and join the conversation..

Are you as eager as I am? What kind of analytics would you like to see while watching the gripping encounters?


IBM India Alumni welcomes all IBM India employees

Greater IBM ConnectionIn partnership with key leads in the IBM India Communications teams and our IBM India Country Lead, Khalid Raza, we have launched the IBM India Alumni Group (http://wp.me/p2kcos-1gQ).  We invite you to join the India Group of The Greater IBM Connection, IBM’s only official alumni group.  The Greater IBM Connection is a global business and professional network that brings together current and former IBMers around the world.

The Client Experience is shaped by the IBMer.  As our business model and evolving industry increasingly calls for relationship led sales, marketing, branding, and recruiting, The Greater IBM Connection provides a tremendous opportunity to tap into an influential member population of talented and highly skilled former IBMers.  The best of our alumni are clients, partners, advocates, and, most importantly, top candidates for rejoining IBM to help drive meaningful Client Experiences.  By joining The Greater IBM Connection, you can help drive meaningful Client Experiences by staying connected and engaged with these market influencers.  We hope you join and contribute today!

India Alumni Group launch announcement: http://wp.me/p2kcos-1gQ
LinkedIn India Group:  http://www.linkedin.com/groups?home=&gid=4832299
IBM India Alumni on IBM.COM:  www-07.ibm.com/in/ibm/greateribm/

Global:  http://www.greateribm.com

Best Regards,

Julie Yamamoto
Program Manager, Executive Project Manager/ PMP
CHQ, Communications

Community of divide!

Written last year I guess: A fine Wednesday morning today – got up early and the weather in Bangalore is amazing these days ensuring my love for this city never goes down. With a hot cup of tea and a copy of Times of India, I begin to consume the latest developments in the world.

smallbiz-marketing-bridge-the-divideSuddenly the article Bangaloreans turn to homogeneous lifestyles: Community-Specific Projects Are Latest In Developers’ List began to dis-flavor my beautiful morning. The writer is all gaga over the concept of community-specific societies and buildings citing the benefits of how like-minded people will stay together in harmony and peace and also dwell on their ‘own’ ways of life. A beautiful concept indeed.

But wait a minute – did I read, “Century has launched two community-specific projects, one for the Goud Saraswat Brahmin community, Century Saras, and another for the Air Force, Army and Navy officers, Commanders Vista.” I mean a building baste on our caste/religion/sub-religion system?? What is going on?

Where we struggle to bring communal peace and harmony, these builders are building ‘divides’ and our TOI hails it as a positive trend and also publishes a report acknowledging it. Continue reading

Is our society honest? Are you honest?

I always admired Lance Armstrong and it is hard for me to still digest the fact, that he was dishonest. Nike and others may continue to support, I am sure, due to financial implications, but the image is tarnished, for eternity. Noted Indian-American journalist and author, Fareed Zakaria, was suspended and then re-instated, on accounts of plagiarism.
Who are you?I recall my school’s walls had murals and sayings highlighting the importance of being honest at all times. I grew up looking at those just like every other kid. And I cheated in exams for those extra answers to get some more marks. But I consider myself an honest person. Like we all do!
Last year, an IBMer heard my remixes (it is my hobby to mix music) and asked for the name of the song played at a particular juncture in the complete set. As gracious as I am always, I offered him to send the song while I replied with the name of the song. And his response stunned me! He did not want a song for which money has not been paid to the producer as he learned I downloaded it from some site.

What is Influence in Social?

McKinsey Global Institute, the research arm of the business consulting giant, has just published a lengthy study on “unleashing value and productivity through social technologies.” The short version is that things like improved communication and collaboration from social media in four major business sectors could add $900 billion to $1.3 trillion in value to the economy.

This is huge! And you are in the center of it, so we are and everyone, including organizations. Now with so much happening, researchers and organizations are confused in finding out ways to gain the maximum mileage out of it. Everyday, new and innovative plans come to get more ‘likes’ on the FB page or to get more followers on the twitter account.

With lists like 50 women you must follow or top 10 companies on twitter are not new! But do followers on twitter mean influence? Nah!

Meeyong Cha’s Measuring User Influence in Twitter: The Million Follower Fallacy posits that indegree (the number of people who follow a user) represents a user’s popularity, but is not related to other important notions of influence such as engaging audience, i.e.,retweets and mentions. Retweets are driven by the content value of a tweet, while mentions are driven by the name value of the user.

So what this tell us? Are we confused? Of course we are and especially the organizations who are spending billions of dollars to get those likes and follows just to feel more secure. A false sense of security. Continue reading

Did you say, Thank You?

GratitudeThank You! Two words and they make our lives beautiful – either we say or hear, we feel good. But as tangled as we are in our daily lives, targets, deadlines, submission dates, appraisals, salary-corrections, travels etc. that we forget to thank people for what they have done to us. Thank your parents, mentors, guides, bosses, friends, colleagues, team-members, janitors, guards and anyone and everyone who has ever helped you.

Thanksgiving, New Year wishes, Holi, Easter, Diwali, Eid, 4th of July etc.. can be used to convey feelings especially thanks. Make it a habit to send out a personal note to everyone who impacted your life in the last year. You will be amazed to see how better your relations become and how much love and respect you will get. The text could be anything as long as it is heartfelt – don’t waste your time and others too by copy-pasting something from the web.

#ThankYou Khalid Raza #SocialGlamorGenuine appreciation goes a long way in building stronger ties and in today’s world relationships shape futures. So take this reading as a poke and scribble down that feeling and send it across.

Who are you thanking this year? And how are you showing your appreciation?

Thank you for reading, liking, commenting and sharing this post with everyone you care!

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