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Three tips to engage your employees

I was recently engaged in a conversation on how IBM keeps its employees engaged, although spread across so many countries and geographies and as always I thought I would share my opinions with the wider world. I would not dwell on the details, obviously.

According to a report from Gallup 70% of American workers are either not-engaged or actively disengaged, which means they’re disruptive and undermining workplace productivity. And here’s a related stat: “Gallup estimates that actively disengaged employees cost the US $450 billion to $550 billion in lost productivity per year.” So imagine 7 out of 10 employees do not care, literally, what you do to engage employees.

A lot of leaders and program managers turned to Social Media, thinking this would be the solution and voila! They failed again. Gartner research estimates that 80% of social business initiatives would deliver disappointing results over the next three years.

So where are you heading?

A recent article by Gerald C. Kane highlights three reasons why our social business initiatives are failing:

1. Managers go into social business with unclear goals.
2. Initiatives start as pilots, and then fizzle out due to modest participation.
3. Companies expect social initiatives, even pilots, to deliver a financial return on investment.

So the question boils down to – how do we engage our workforce? Let’s watch this video which highlights what could be the solution: Continue reading


IBM India Alumni welcomes all IBM India employees

Greater IBM ConnectionIn partnership with key leads in the IBM India Communications teams and our IBM India Country Lead, Khalid Raza, we have launched the IBM India Alumni Group (http://wp.me/p2kcos-1gQ).  We invite you to join the India Group of The Greater IBM Connection, IBM’s only official alumni group.  The Greater IBM Connection is a global business and professional network that brings together current and former IBMers around the world.

The Client Experience is shaped by the IBMer.  As our business model and evolving industry increasingly calls for relationship led sales, marketing, branding, and recruiting, The Greater IBM Connection provides a tremendous opportunity to tap into an influential member population of talented and highly skilled former IBMers.  The best of our alumni are clients, partners, advocates, and, most importantly, top candidates for rejoining IBM to help drive meaningful Client Experiences.  By joining The Greater IBM Connection, you can help drive meaningful Client Experiences by staying connected and engaged with these market influencers.  We hope you join and contribute today!

India Alumni Group launch announcement: http://wp.me/p2kcos-1gQ
LinkedIn India Group:  http://www.linkedin.com/groups?home=&gid=4832299
IBM India Alumni on IBM.COM:  www-07.ibm.com/in/ibm/greateribm/

Global:  http://www.greateribm.com

Best Regards,

Julie Yamamoto
Program Manager, Executive Project Manager/ PMP
CHQ, Communications

How to opt out of LinkedIn Endorsements

Last few days, I have heard a lot of people getting salty about LinkedIn endorsement cobweb. And they wonder how to opt-out of LinkedIn endorsement – a gamified system, which was aimed to achieve a different result but now has become a nuisance for many, including LinkedIn. But before we move on, why don’t you tell what you think:

Personally, I do not have any reservations with its presence on my profile. In my opinion, Continue reading

Managing personal & professional identities


Did a colleague, friend you on Facebook? Is your LinkedIn profile a resume? In our increasingly complex and overlapping information world, understanding how to balance personal and professional personas is critical. Do you struggle to manage your personal and professional identities on social media platforms and networking sites? 

I spoke to IBM‘s internal audience yesterday on the topic of ‘Managing personal & professional identities’ and shared my thoughts around the same. Credit goes to my colleague and friend Jeanette Fuccella for helping me structure the talk.

Managing Identities 2014 Khalid Raza SocialGlamor

We all represent multiple different personas. In our personal lives, we have relationships with family and friends; we have hobbies and interests, sports teams, and passions. Similarly, in our professional lives we have relationships with colleagues, interests, a job role, possibly a job that we aspire to, skills, organizational alliance, etc.

Sometimes these two worlds overlap and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they should, and sometimes they probably shouldn’t. While there aren’t too many hard and fast rules, there are some general rules of the road. We need to be cognizant of when we should keep our personal and professional identities separate and when to merge them. There are benefits and pitfalls either way but more importantly, we all have to make that decision for ourselves.

What is the answer?
Continue reading

How ‘Work from Home’ can work against you!

Collaboration is the buzz word these days and with the advent of tools allowing it, world has become smaller. People now do not have to be co-located to work together. Everything is getting virtual.

Organizations are now doing everything to cut costs and allowing work-force to work from home (WFH) is a brilliant phenomenon. Although some studies suggest that working from may translate into longer hours but if done effectively, it allows employees to be more productive and less stressed. As in my case 🙂

Work from Home Khalid Raza #SocialGlamorEmployees do the same job but do not need to come to work. Teams are now globally distributed but work seamlessly. Organizations are saving costs and people are become productive.

IBM allows several categories of employees to work from home. For many others, it’s flexible, with managers taking the call. “Work /life balance touches morale, productivity and retention. Current lifestyles have resulted in higher stress levels and we take a positive view towards creating a conducive environment to help people integrate work and life,” says Chandrasekhar Sripada, head HR, IBM India.

World is Awesome! But wait a minute – is everything really awesome? Continue reading

5 reasons why you must say No to LinkedIn recommendations

Do you feel recommendations on LinkedIn are doing good to your career? Think again as some of them can actually be detrimental to your next job application.

Yesterday I was chatting with one my colleagues and he mentioned how he ‘Googles’ the candidate before and while interviewing him/her. He quipped that he gets a lot more information than just talking to the potential candidate. Is that right? And it has definitely happened to you – employers do Google the candidates.

What are they looking for?

LinkedIn Recommendations Khalid Raza #SocialGlamor

They want to see your online professional presence on sites like LinkedIn, but they won’t mind seeing your Facebook page or your dating website profile. If it’s available!

I love LinkedIn. For the simple reason that it allows me to see who started where and is doing what. I get to connect with many people and who knows, I may find my dream job or an assignment or a stretch. I adore the recommendations part – it allows people to see what I have been doing and how it is impacting others. People are vouching for my work.

If there are no recommendations; the hiring manager may think, “OK. Nobody was impressed,” or “I don’t appreciate your efforts,” or even, “Jeez, Don’t hire him/her.” Now don’t stop reading the write-up and go to your profile to beg for recommendations from all your contacts. You will do more harm than good.

While you should have recommendations, you need to ensure that you avoid these five mistakes: Continue reading

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