Destination Unstoppable with Maureen Monte – A Journey of Strengths

On 28th July 2011, almost 5 years ago, I got an email from a lady, asking me to remove a link from IBM Manager Community – a place for all IBM People Managers, across the globe. I was the community manager then. It was 12:10 AM, India Standard Time and I was surprised – why would someone ask me to take down anything from a community I manage! The sender was Maureen Monte – someone I have never seen, never met, spoken to only once on a call with few other people.

Her point was valid – Why should we restrict the learning to a special set of people, when we can make a bigger, larger, more astounding impact. We did exchange few emails back and forth and we both knew, we are heading towards something brilliant.

We both joined hands and ran. The result of our partnership was the ‘biggest’ virtual learning event in IBM till date – from attendance: over 7000 people enrolled and attended the webinar sessions. Greater than 90% of the responses indicated that the workshops were valuable and should be shared with other IBMers.

I checked the replay data today: Our five webinar recordings have been downloaded over 12,500 times, accounting for 40% of all the downloaded recordings since June, 2011 (There are total 72 recordings). Continue reading “Destination Unstoppable with Maureen Monte – A Journey of Strengths”


Are you creating Cloned Social?

As the growth of ‘Social’ becomes exponential, everywhere, including organizations, we are seeing a trend, a trend which is becoming a dangerous monster, which will kill the very existence of it. This monster gets life when we take steps to make ‘Cloned Social’. When efforts are put to inorganically grow the communities, or make them active, or when incentives are put to push the use of social media or when rewards substitute the intrinsic motivation. In my last blog, The Fairy tale is ending, we read about how this phenomenon of incentivizing use of social media with in organization will actually … Continue reading Are you creating Cloned Social?

You are the key!

There are times when the jig-saw never falls in place, although everything seems fine. Has it ever happened with you? At workplace, in your relations, in your career or maybe a small cards game! It happens all the time. What do you do then? The most difficult locks of life have a master key and that key is You!When no-one seems to care and you do not see any direction, have faith in your abilities. Sometimes all you have to do is grope in the darkness but keep the determination. You may get hostile people with you, trickier times, there … Continue reading You are the key!

How to keep Employees engaged?

At an informal dinner, I was recently asked, how do we ensure employees are engaged to make them feel important. As usual, a lot of witty minds jumped in to share their intellect. The conversation revolved around taking the employees out for an outing to maybe a resort for a weekend. Someone mentioned giving away t-shirts and mugs helps. The idea of gifting i-pods also surfaced.Strange! Why do employees need to engage in order to feel important? And important for whom? Themselves or stake holders? Engagement and collaboration, if carefully managed, leads to members realizing the value of being with … Continue reading How to keep Employees engaged?