An email which enlightened me!

Our materialistic lives have always interfered with the most pious human emotions we can have - love, affection, care, gratitude, compassion... And with the advent of Social world, we are moving away, although connected. That is a price we all have to pay - we read online articles and are forgetting the ruffle of the... Continue Reading →


We don’t buy alone! Anymore!

Why do some business fail, although they have everything right about them? Most of the failed businesses and products never got close to the customer and hence died. And it can happen with any organization, department, product or service. We all saw what happened to Orkut. It never could get close to customer's hearts. But... Continue Reading →

Community Management – 5 tips to make your newsletter a success

Community Management sometimes is confused with power and Community Managers behave like kings and queens - insurmountable by anything or anyone. These communities do have a future - a doomed one. Members start leaving, the relations get bitter and the traffic goes down. But why are we talking about this in the context of a... Continue Reading →

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