You know the moves, but can you swim?

Performance evaluation without the culture of feedback is like learning to swim on your bed. You may master the moves but it won’t help you swim. – Khalid Raza Nobody is perfect, you, your manager, your employees, your spouse, kids, or your organization. Being able to receive and utilize feedback can be the difference between greater level of success and deeper personal satisfaction and/or mediocre performance and unhappy personal state. Annual performance management is a key component of employee development. An employee evaluation is the assessment and review of a worker’s job performance. Most companies have performance evaluation system wherein … Continue reading You know the moves, but can you swim?

How to keep Employees engaged?

At an informal dinner, I was recently asked, how do we ensure employees are engaged to make them feel important. As usual, a lot of witty minds jumped in to share their intellect. The conversation revolved around taking the employees out for an outing to maybe a resort for a weekend. Someone mentioned giving away t-shirts and mugs helps. The idea of gifting i-pods also surfaced.Strange! Why do employees need to engage in order to feel important? And important for whom? Themselves or stake holders? Engagement and collaboration, if carefully managed, leads to members realizing the value of being with … Continue reading How to keep Employees engaged?