If it Clicks, it’s Social!

The problem lies at a very deeper and basic level – right in the minds of our leaders. The ‘change’ has been painful and agonizing.. Here’s one example: continuing to rely on email is the ‘only’ or preferred way to work. Email, corporate intranets and knowledge management solutions are clearly not ‘old’ technologies, but in the context of true collaboration they are outdated, old school, and rely on rigid methodologies, hierarchy and structures that don’t take full advantage of the free-form approach of enterprise social collaboration.


Out of office but in action!

I am on my IBM Corporate Services Corps assignment to Colombia, working on an exciting and enriching leadership assignment. My small team includes Danielle Rosado Galiazi from Brazil and Jordan E Scarboro from the USA. I will be out of office from 12th Sept 2014 and will be back on 13th Oct 2014. I will... Continue Reading →

You know the moves, but can you swim?

Performance evaluation without the culture of feedback is like learning to swim on your bed. You may master the moves but it won’t help you swim. - Khalid Raza Nobody is perfect, you, your manager, your employees, your spouse, kids, or your organization. Being able to receive and utilize feedback can be the difference between... Continue Reading →

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